September 2022 OES Beacon

OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads and After

John Watson, OES Vice-President for OCEANS

The OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach Conference Center, 17-20 October 2022) conference is now almost upon us. You may even be there by the time you read this. The Local Organizing Committee have pulled out all the stops to make this event a dynamic OCEANS. All the expected OCEANS content is there: the student poster competition, regular technical sessions, an up to the minute exhibition of industrial, commercial and academic companies and institutions. OCEANS kicks-off with its traditional plenary and keynote sessions featuring talks from senior academics, industrialists, those from government institutions and the US NAVY. The latest news from Hampton Roads is that both NASA and the US NAVY are helping to co-Chair specific sessions and meetings in the conference (more on this on the web-site). As is becoming the norm, this OCEANS will be hybrid in nature with a fine mix of on-line and live content. It is hoped that the recent world-wide relaxations in COVID-19 restrictions will allow a much higher number of registrants and attendance of in-person delegates. This will be a welcome return to some degree of normality! The call for papers has now closed so I hope you have managed to meet the deadline and have had your contributions accepted. See the OCEANS web-site for the latest program/events and registration details. See

As we move into 2023, we have Limerick on the west coast of Ireland to look forward to in June 2023. The Limerick LOC (co-Chairs Daniel Toal and Edin Omerdic) are well ahead in their preparations for a very exciting conference. I am sure we can all look forward to some traditional Irish hospitality. Following that we will return to the Gulf Coast for the next North American OCEANS in 2023. The Gulf Coast is always a memorable event and many of you will have experienced several trips to Biloxi for previous OCEANS’ on the Gulf Coast.

As I mentioned in my last OCEANS review, I can confirm that the European 2025 OCEANS will be held in Brest, France and the 2025 North American OCEANS will be on the Great Lakes, in Chicago. The last time OCEANS was in Brest was in 2005 and was one of the first I attended as General Chair for the 2007 OCEANS in Aberdeen. OCEANS has never been to Chicago before and with the conference setting on the edge of the Great Lakes promises to be an exciting venue.

The General Chairs for Brest and Great Lakes are Prof René

Garello, who is well known to many of you, and Hans Van Sumeren, respectively. We wish them both well in their preparations.

See you in Hampton Roads.