Distinguished Lecturers

Distinguished Lecturers

Request for OES Distinguished Lecturers Nominations

James V. Candy

UC-LLNL, Livermore, CA
Endorsed by the Signal Processing and Statistical Learning * (SPSL) Technology Committee.

Biography of James V. Candy

Model-based acoutstic signal processing (underwater,ultrasonics, room)
Nonlinear filtering: Particle filters, Kalman filters
Time-reversal signal processing
Radioactive Contraband Detection: a Bayesian Approach
Bayseian Signal Processing, an Overview of Particle Filtering Methods

Mandar Chitre

Mandar is an Assoc. Professor at National University of Singapore. He is a Senior Member of IEEE (OES) and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Oceanic Engineering (JoE). Mandar has expertise and experience in many areas of underwater acoustics such as underwater communications, signal processing, especially in non-gaussian environments and marine robotics. He has given talks in many international conferences and forums including UN. IEEE OES community will be highly benefited from the sharing of his knowledge and perspectives in the areas of his expertise through DLs. His nomination was endorsed by the Underwater Communications, Navigation and Positioning Committee, of which he is also a Co-Chair.


Nicholas P Chotiros: 

Nick is a Visiting Fellow at the UK National Oceanographic Center, Southampton His nomination was endorsed by the Underwater Acoustics Technology Committee. He had worked as a Research Associate and Lecturer at University of Birmingham and has been working as a Research Scientist at the Applied Research Laboratory, University of Texas, Austin. He has also served as a Program Officer at the Office of Naval Research Global. He is a senior member of IEEE (OES) and a Fellow of Acoustical Society of America (ASA). Nick has also been serving as Assoc. Editor for IEEE JoE and JASA. He is widely acknowledged for his expertise are seabed acoustics, parametric array modeling, sonar beamformer, underwater signal processing.


Kenneth Foote

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts
Endorsed by the Underwater Acoustics (UA) Technology Committee.

Biography of Kenneth Foote

Underwater sound scattering
Marine resource quantification
Sonar performance evaluation

Donna M. Kocak

L3Harris Technologies, Melbourne, Florida, U.S.A.
Endorsed by the Subsea Optics and Vision (SOV) Technology Committee.

Biography of Donna Kocak


Perspectives in Ocean Engineering
Fiber optic cables and systems
Hazard monitoring by electro-optic methods

Shyam Madhusudhana

Shyam has 16 years of research experience spread across both industry and academia. Data science and machine learning in the field of marine bioacoustics is relatively new and is an emerging area of research. The appointment of Shyam as a DL will help to excite the OES members, especially the student community, and coach them to be proficient in this emerging field of research. Shyam is an IEEE (OES) Senior Member and is a Post-doctoral Research Associate at Cornell Lab of Ornithology, USA. He serves as a reviewer for reputed journals such as Journal of Ocean Engineering, JASA, Applied Acoustics, etc. He has been endorsed by the Data Analytics, Integration and Modeling (DAIMS) Committee. Data Science and Machine Learning as applied to marine bioacoustics, Automation and modeling are some of the areas Shyam has the expertise on and will be offered as part of his DLs.

Eliza Michalopoulou

Eliza has been with the New Jersey Institute of Technology since 1994 and currently a Professor there. She is also the Chair of Department of Math-Science. She is a senior member of IEEE (OES) and a Fellow of ASA. She also has been an Assoc. Editor for Journal of Acoustical Society of America (JASA) and IEEE OES. Her nomination was endorsed by the Underwater Acoustics Committee. Inversion problems, sediment characterisation, multi-path localisation, etc., are some of the areas where Eliza has her expertise and proposes to give her DLs.

Maurizio Migliaccio

Universit à di Napoli Parthenope – Italy
Endorsed by the OES Ocean Remote Sensing Technology Committee.

Biography of Maurizio Migliaccio

Synthetic Aperture Radar for oil spill observation
Wind speed estimation by synthetic aperture radar
Man-made targets at sea, observation by polarimetric SAR

John R. Potter

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Trondheim, Norway
Endorsed by the Ocean Observations and Environmental Sustainability (OOSES) Technology Committee.

Biography of John Potter

The next wave of game-changing heterogeneous nested autonomy
Underwater Acoustics, communication and networking
Ocean noise and marine mammals
Lessons learnt in the open ocean, a blue-water sailing perspective

Milica Stojanovic

Boston, MA
Endorsed by the Underwater Communication, Navigation, & Positioning (UNCP) Technology Committee.

Biography of Milica Stojanovic

Signal processing for acoustic communications
Multi-carrier modulation/detection for acoustic channels
Statistical characterization of underwater acoustic communication channels
Multiple access in underwater acoustic systems
Reliable transmission over acoustic channels

Tamaki Ura

University of Tokyo, Japan
Endorsed by the Autonomous Marine Systems (AMS) Technology Committee.

Biography of Tamaki Ura

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Perspective
Deep Sea Exploration
Underwater Technologies