Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is given to honor an individual IEEE member for outstanding contributions towards furthering the objectives of the Oceanic Engineering Society. The award consists of an appropriately worded certificate. Candidates for the Distinguished Service Award are nominated by the OES Awards Committee and must be approved by a majority of the elected members of the AdCom.

Request for Nominations for The Distinguished Service Award 2019

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society is hereby soliciting nominations for the society Distinguished Service Award to honor an individual IEEE member for outstanding contributions toward furthering the objectives of the Oceanic Engineering Society.  Download the nomination form here. Nominations should be forwarded to the Awards Chair, Dr. René Garello at r.garello@ieee.org. The deadline for nominations is 1 July 2019.

Dr. René Garello, Chair
IEEE/OES Nominations and Appointments Committee

2018 Distinguished Service Award

Jerry Carroll is presented the DSA for contributions to the governance of the Society as an elected member of the Administrative and Executive Committees, for service as Treasurer (2005 – 2008), President (2009 – 2012), Junior Past President (2013 – 2016), and Senior Past President (2016– 2018).

Jerry Carroll receives the Distinguished Service Award from OES president Christian de Moustier.

Jerry Carroll attended Oklahoma State University majoring in geophysics. Before graduating, he worked for Petty Geophysical Co. performing seismic survey, and for Phillips Petroleum Co. After graduating he began his career with NAVOCEANO in Washington D.C.  During his career in Oceanography, he served as Special Advisor to the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, concerning Oceanography Programs from 1996 to 2008.  While at the Naval Oceanographic Office, he was the Director of the Oceanography Department from 1981 to 1990 and Director of the Operations Directorate from 1991 to 1996, responsible for over 650 civilians, 100 military personnel and a fleet of oceanographic ships & aircraft. He developed a system at NAVOCEANO to find a major wreck off the Aleutian Islands that was set to create a nuclear explosion, but the threat was neutralized. His experience in the Navy Department was very valuable for involving Navy participation, organizing conferences and symposia for the OES, and expanding OES international participation. He was very influential in developing technical sessions with Navy participation for OES conferences and symposia.

He received numerous awards, including the Navy’s Meritorious Civilian Service Award and the Secretary of the Navy’s Hispanic 5 Point Award.  He was very active in the Navy’s International Programs, establishing contacts in many countries.  Mr. Carroll has been active in Professional Societies most of his career. As a member of the American Geophysical Union he helped organize Oceanographic Conferences in New Orleans. He is a Fellow in the Marine Technology Society and served as Vice-President for the MTS Southern Region.  He was also a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and GRSS. He was affiliated with the University of Mississippi as a Research Scientist and a member of the Gulf Coast Gas Hydrate Consortium.

As OES President and Treasurer of IEEE/OES, Jerry strengthened OES policy for controlling finances for conferences and symposia. He provided leadership and promoted new international symposia in South America, the Baltic and S.E. Asia.

Mr. Carroll is a Senior Past President of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and served more than 10 years providing OES leadership in the administrative and executive committees. He served as OES Treasurer from 2005 to 2008 and as OES president from 2009 to 2012.

In his term of office, he pioneered initiating international programs in South America, and initiated a series of symposia in the Baltic region. Mr. Carroll was successful in getting prominent speakers from the Navy Department and financial support from the Office of Naval Research Global whose responsibility included providing conference support for foreign universities. In 2006, Mr. Carroll played a major role in inviting Russian participation, including bringing a prominent Russian oceanographic ship into Klaipeda Harbor; inviting ship tours and an onboard reception. This was the first time that a Russian ship from neighboring Kaliningrad was allowed entry in the port of Klaipeda. Russian participation enabled exchange of ocean technology which was previously limited. He brought about discussions of very sensitive and new topics on marine activities in the Baltic such as obtaining valuable information on World War II ordinance disposal and monitoring, and the introduction of the gas pipeline from Russia along the Baltic floor. The disposal of World War II ordinance, including unexploded mines bearing dangerous chemicals, posed serious environmental problems.

Mr. Carroll played a leading role in establishing symposia and workshops in South America. This represented the first OES penetration in South America. The symposia proved to be very successful. In Chile and Argentina, academic and naval organizations and their leadership were invited in responsible roles in symposia participation. Mr. Carroll played a leading role in planning and organizing the South American symposia and in particular, getting financial support. The symposia in Vina Del Mar, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina were very successful in providing OES South American participation. Mr. Carroll also participated in launching a new series of Underwater Technology (UT) symposia in Tokyo Japan which later led to the UT symposia in Taiwan, China and India.

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society
2018 Jerry Carroll
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2016 Harumi Sugimatsu
2015 Elizabeth Creed
2014 Diane DiMassa
2013 Robert Bannon
2012 Robert Spindel
2011 James Barbera
2010 Thomas Freud Wiener
2009 Christian de Moustier
2008 Archie Todd Morrison III
2007 Stephen M. Holt
2006 Rene Garello
2005 Claude P. Brancart
2004 William M. Carey
2003 Joseph Czika
2002 James S. Collins
2001 Claude P. Brancart
2000 Frederick H. Maltz
1999 Pierre Sabathé
1998 Norman D. Miller
1997 Ferial M. El-Hawary
1996 Glen N. Williams
1995 David E. Weissman
1994 Daniel L. Alspach
1993 Edward W. Early
1992 Gordon Raisbeck
1991 Frederick H. Fisher
1990 Anthony I. Eller
1989 Eric Herz
1988 Harold A. Sabbagh
1987 Stanley L. Ehrlich
1986 Stanley G. Chamberlain
1985 Joseph R. Vadus
1984 John C. Redmond
1983 Elmer P. Wheaton
1982 Arthur S. Westneat
1981 Lloyd Z. Maudlin
1980 Donald M. Bolle
1979 Richard M. Emberson
1978 Edward W. Early
1977 Calvin T. Swift
1976 Frank Snodgrass
1975 Arthur S. Westneat