Senior Membership

Senior Membership

Senior Membership infromationWhy is IEEE senior membership important to OES?
OES is dedicated to advancing our diverse membership in technology and making a positive change for inclusiveness in our workplaces and communities.

Did you know?

  • You can only hold certain executive positions within the IEEE if you are a Senior Member
  • You can only become an IEEE Fellow if you are a Senior Member.

IEEE designated fields:

IEEE Fields are broad and it is not just for electrical Engineers;

IEEE-designated fields are Engineering; Computer Sciences and Information Technology; Physical Sciences Biological and Medical Sciences; Mathematics; Technical Communications; Education; Management; Law and Policy.

Applicant Responsibility:

  • Application form must include:
    • 10 years professional practice inclusive of five (5) years significant performance in any of the IEEE designated fields.
    • Upload of Resume/CV and other supporting documentation.
    • Three References if self nominated or Two References if nominated by a Senior Member or Fellow grade.
  • Follow up with references to support your application in a timely manner (within 1-2 weeks) prior to panel review.
  • Provide your references with your CV or resume to assist with filling the information required of them as your referee.

Some significant performance indicators used by the review panel review application include but are not limited to:


  • Faculty developing courses within the IEEE designated fields that are innovative and unique
  • Undergraduate teachers demonstrating excellence and dedication that might exceptional student accomplishments or include coaching in Lego League or Robotics. (teachers who are engineers and computer scientists)
  • Performing research with some measure of success (e.g. refereed papers)
  • Publishing in high level recognized journals
  • Publication of technical papers, books or inventions/patents
  • Department Chair title
  • Supervising successful PhD students


  • Performing research with some measure of success (e.g. refereed papers)
  • Responsible for or a significant contributor to invention(s)/patent(s) advancing technologies
  • Significant contributions related to standards development (e.g., chair, project editor)


  • Patents issued
  • Technical direction or leadership of important technical or professional work with evidence of accomplishment
  • Recognized leadership, often as Team leader, supervisor, program manager, project manager or director titles
  • Substantial design, development or project responsibility, or achievement
  • Significant contributions related to standards development (e.g., chair, project editor)

Other Contributions within the IEEE designated fields

  • Professional awards, licenses may be considered as substantiation of professional experience and performance
  • Recognized contributions to the welfare of technical profession (e.g. IEEE Volunteer efforts especially positions of leadership on major IEEE boards and societies)
  • Contributes significant technical content, not within the scope of the IEEE fields
    of interest, to IEEE standards, e.g., medical content to an IEEE standard for
    medical equipment.
  • Technical Editing – generally of recognized journals, etc.
  • Patent Prosecution or Patent Law or Intellectual Property– provided these contributions serve to advance progress substantially in IEEE designated fields 

How can we assist members to be elevated to Senior Member Rank?

  • We will assist you to identify references to support your application if you contact
  • Be sure to attach your resume or CV as part of the application.
  • Ensure your Collabratec member profile is updated and visible to other IEEE members.
  • We will try to match your Resume/CV and connect you to a suitable reference who is able to assist you.

We encourage eligible members to apply for senior member elevation to increase their chances of serving in higher positions within IEEE.

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