OES Young Professionals and OES Young Professionals-Boost Laureates

OES Young Professionals and OES Young Professionals-Boost Laureates

The IEEE/OES encourages all of our Young Professionals to become involved in the Society and take advantage of the variety of student activities that the OES offers.  Examples of available activities are:


What is a Young Professional (YP)?

A Young Professional is an IEEE/OES member who graduated with their first professional degree within the last 15 years. In addition, current IEEE/OES student members who completed their first professional degree more than 15 years ago are eligible to apply.

Why Become an OES YP-Boost Laureate?

OES YP Laureates actively participate in the leadership of the Society.  They are responsible for the YP event held at each OCEANS Conference, including development of the event content, advertising and hosting the event itself. They also attend the Society’s Administrative Committee (AdCom) Meetings, are responsible for the content of the quarterly OES YP Newsletter, are encouraged to participate in one or more of the OES Technical Committees (TCs), and assist with other Society activities as needed.  These activities provide the YP Laureates with leadership experience, exposure to facets of oceanic engineering outside of their area of expertise, and an expanded professional network.

How Does the OES YP-Boost Laureate Program Work?

There is a total of 4 YPs at any given time.  Two YPs are selected each year to serve a 2-year term.  The term begins on January 1 of the first year.  The selection process is competitive.  Successful candidates will be immediately immersed in OES activities and if funding permits, they will attend 2 events each year (OCEANS and/or Workshops/Symposia) at OES expense.

Membership Requirements for OES YP-Boost Laureates.

Each selected applicant must be a member of the IEEE/OES at the time of application and must maintain their IEEE/OES membership for the duration of their YP-Boost Laureate term.

How Does a YP Apply to Become an OES YP-Boost Laureate?

When the application period opens the applicant will upload 2 documents:

  • Their curriculum vitae (1 page)
  • A letter of application showing their motivation and describing how and where they propose to be involved (2 pages). For this, the applicant can study the organization of the society to select one or several areas where they are interested in working.

When Is the YP-Boost Laureate Application Period?

The application process for 2025-2026 YP-Boost Laureates will open in the Fall 2024.   In case of any questions, please contact Dr. Roberto Petroccia (roberto.petroccia@ieee.org).

YP Boost Class of 2024

Karen Renninger Rojas

Born and raised in the coastal city of Salinas, Ecuador, my deep connection with the ocean inspired my studies in Oceanographic Engineering. My journey includes contributions to the Acoustic System for Aquatic Data Collection, presenting at the IEEE/OES Acoustics in Underwater Geosciences Symposium in Rio, and involvement in various oceanic environmental projects. Currently pursuing a master’s degree at LSU, I’m assisting with the SMART Subsea Cables project, focusing on sea-level change and natural hazard early warning systems.

My work with IEEE/OES led to the founding of the first Student Chapter in Ecuador, reinforcing my dedication to creating inclusive academic spaces. Being chosen for the IEEE/OES Young Professionals ‘Boost’ Program, I am eager to make significant contributions to ocean conservation and exploration.

Gaultier Real

Graduated from Florida Atlantic University (USA) with a Master’s degree in Ocean Engineering and from Aix-Marseille University (France) with a Ph.D. in Physics, respectively in 2011 and 2015. I have been involved with Thales Defence Mission Systems (Sophia Antipolis, France) in 2015-2016, then with the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA Naval Systems, Toulon, France) from 2016 to 2023. I currently work as senior acoustic scientist and project leader for NATO STO Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), in La Spezia, Italy. I was involved with the University of Toulon as a lecturer in underwater acoustics and sonar systems. My interests focus on environmental acoustics, signal processing, wave propagation in random media and sonar studies. He is the recipient of the best paper from a young scientist, awarded at the 2014 UACE and the 2017 joint ASA/EAA Conferences. I also won the Early Career Award from NATO STO CMRE Science and Technology Committee in 2021.





YP Boost Class of 2023

Filippo Campagnaro, YP Boost 2023-2024
Francesco Maurelli, YP Boost 2023-2024

YP Boost Class of 2022

Amy Deeb, YP Boost 2022-2023
Amy Deeb, YP Boost 2022-2023
Mehdi Rahmati, YP Boost 2022-2023

YP Boost Class of 2020

Rajat Mishra YP Boost 2020-2021
Jeff Dusek YP Boost 2020-2021

YP Boost Class of 2019

Roberto Petroccia YP Boost 2019-2020
Roberto Petroccia YP Boost 2019-2020
Hari Vishnu YP Boost 2019-2020
Hari Vishnu YP Boost 2019-2020
Stephanie Kemna YP Boost 2019
Jeff Dusek YP Boost 2019

YP Boost Class of 2018

Fausto Ferreira YP Boost 2018
Fausto Ferreira YP Boost 2018, now OES Administrative Committee member
Shyam Madhusudhana YP Boost 2018, now OES Administrative Committee member
Shyam Madhusudhana YP Boost 2018, now OES Administrative Committee member

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