September 2022 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

 Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • “Reinforcement Learning Based Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Alignment for Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”, Y. Weng; J. Pajarinen; R. Akrour; T. Matsuda; J. Peters; T. Maki.
  • “Evaluation of UKF-Based Fusion Strategies for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Multisensor Navigation”, A. Bucci; M. Franchi; A. Ridolfi; N. Secciani; B. Allota.
  • “Multilabel Classification of Heterogeneous Underwater Soundscapes with Bayesian Deep Learning”, B. Beckler; A. Pfau; M. Orescanin; S. Atchley; N. Villemez; J.E. Joseph; C. W. Miller; T. Margolina.
  • “Validation of Targets in Sonar Imagery Using Multispectral Analysis”, G. Gubnitsky; A. Giladi; R. Diamant.
  • “The Effect of Directional Ambient Noise on an Underwater Acoustic Link in Shallow Environments”, A.L. Egbewande; J.-F. Bousquet; D.R. Barclay.
  • “Active Underwater Target Detection Using a Shallow Neural Network with Spectrogram-Based Temporal Variation Features”, Y. Choo; K. Lee; W. Hong; S.-H. Byun; H. Yang.
  • “An Efficient Near-Field Model Gain-Phase Self-Calibration Method for Uniform Rectangular Arrays”, F. Wang; R. Jiang; X. Tian; X. Liu; S. Jiang; B. Gu; Y. Chen.
  • “Multipath Data Fusion with Recursive ML-PDA and Generative ML-PMHT for VLO Targets in Underwater Environment”, C. Franzini; F.A.N. Palmieri; P. Willett; Y. Bar-Shalom.
  • “Experimental Marine Vibrator with a Helmholtz Bubble Resonator in the Frequency Range 5-16 Hz”, A.K. Morozov; D.C. Webb.
  • “A Transformer-Based Regression Scheme for Forecasting Significant Wave Heights in Oceans”, P. Pokhel; E. Ioup; J. Simeonov; M. T. Hoque; M. Abdelguerfi.
  • “Virtual Maps for Autonomous Exploration of Cluttered Underwater Environments”, J. Wang; F. Chen; Y. Huang; J. McConnell; T. Shan; B. Englot.
  • “An Embedded Tactical Decision Aid Framework for Environmentally Adaptive Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Communication and Navigation”, E. C. Bhatt; B. Howard; H. Schmidt.
  • “Joint CFO, Gridless Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Underwater Acoustic OFDM Systems”, L. Wan; J. Zhu; E. Cheng; Z. Xu.
  • “Compounding Approaches for Wind Prediction from Underwater Noise by Supervised Learning”, A. Trucco; A. Barla; R. Bozzano; E. Fava; S. Pensieri; A. Verri; D. Solarna.
  • “Safe Maneuvering Near Offshore Installations: A New Algorithmic Tool”, I. Maslov; E.B. Ambrosovskaya; A.M. Dvorkin; A.V. Proskurnikov; A. Mordvintsev.
  • “Target Detection and Segmentation in Circular-Scan Synthetic-Aperture-Sonar Images Using Semisupervised Convolutional Encoder-Decoders”, I.J. Sledge; M.S. Emigh; J.L. King; D.L. Woods; J.T. Cobb; J.C. Príncipe.
  • “Texture-Based Seafloor Characterization Using Gaussian Process Classification”, B. Gips.
  • “Detecting Marine Organisms Via Joint Attention-Relation Learning for Marine Video Surveillance”, Z. Shi; C. Guan; Q. Li; J. Liang; L. Cao; H. Zheng; Z. Gu; B. Zheng.
  • “A Soft Robotic Gripper With Neutrally Buoyant Jamming Pads for Gentle Yet Secure Grasping of Underwater Objects”, C. E. Capalbo; D. Tomiano; F. Bruno; D. Rizzo; B. Phillips; S. Licht.