OES ExCom Election Results

OES ExCom Election Results

Based on the results of our recent OES ExCom elections, the following election results follow via a secret ballot vote by the elected OES AdCom. They are in effect on January 1, 2023.

President election – Christopher Whitt

Executive Vice President election – Brandy Armstrong

Treasurer Elect election – Bill Kirkwood

Journal of Oceanic Engineering Editor in Chief (EiC) Elect election – Karl vonEllenrieder

VP Oceans election – Venugopalan Pallayil

VP Technical Activities election – Shyam Madhusudhana

VP Professional Activities interim election for 2023 – Steve Holt

Secretary election – position unfilled at this time. If someone is willing to run, a vote will be held at the December AdCom meeting.

In addition: Andreas Maruchos is appointed to Steve Holt’s AdCom seat and Hari Vishnu is appointed to Shyam Madhusudhana’s AdCom seat.