Distinguished Technical Achievement Award

2021 Distinguished Technical Achievement Award

René Garello

Each year, the Distinguished Technical Achievement Award of the Oceanic Engineering Society honors one individual for an outstanding fundamental or applied technical contribution to oceanic engineering. The award recognizes a single major invention or scientific contribution, or a distinguished series of contributions over a long period of time.

On behalf of the Society it is an honor to present this year’s Distinguished Technical Achievement Award to René Garello for signal processing of remotely sensed measurements of the ocean and connecting to physical oceanography solutions.

René is recognized for his contributions to signal and image processing of remotely sensed measurements of the ocean. He took a leading role in analysis of speckle in SAR images to extract information on sea state when others were treating it as noise. He has shown the value of multidisciplinary approaches that combine signal and image processing techniques with geoscience knowledge using synergy between different sensors. Recently, René has turned to the problem of marine debris and plastics in the ocean, and is applying satellite observation techniques to several programs.

Prof René has recently retired from a full professorship at IMT Atlantique, Brest and has been appointed Emeritus Professor. He became a Fellow of IEEE in 2005 and has taken on many tasks within IEEE including President of OES, 2011-2014, and organizing workshops on ocean remote sensing. He was elevated Life Fellow of the IEEE in 2019. He participated in the creation of the satellite reception station VIGISAT in 2009 which allowed the formation of the scientific interest group BreTel, of which he is the Founding Director.

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