September 2020 OES Beacon

VPTA Column – September 2020

Malcolm Heron, OES Vice President for Technical Activities

Gerardo Acosta, the Chapters Coordinator, had the pleasure of welcoming a new OES Chapter in the Delhi Section on 7 August, chaired by Monika Aggarwal.  Monika will be the Interim Chapter Chair until elections can be held by the Delhi Section later in the year. This is the first Chapter to be formed in India after the India Council passed the administration of Chapters over to the Sections.  The new Delhi Chapter will have a broad responsibility for ocean-related activities in India until other Chapters can be formed.  In particular, there is a focus in India in preparation for the OCEANS 2022 Conference coming up in Chennai on 21-24 February 2022.  The formation of the Delhi Chapter is an indication of OES support for our members in India and the next 18 months promises to highlight Oceanic Engineering in that country.

The IEEE structure brings support for Chapters from two directions.  The Section (or Council) is the Administrative Unit for reporting to IEEE MGA (Member and Geographic Activities Board) while the technical affiliation is with the Oceanic Engineering Society.  While the concept of two bosses is sometimes frowned upon, it does let Chapters Coordinator, Gerry Acosta, focus on the interesting bits like workshops, technical meetings and, in this case, preparation for OCEANS.    For most Chapters the use of webinars and technical talks through meeting apps will be the only way to meet the goal of two technical meetings during 2020.  There is opportunity here to broadcast your technical talks more widely, beyond your normal patronage.  If you think your Chapter’s e-meeting has wide interest, please contact coordinator Gerry to have it promoted in newsletters or by direct emailing to specific OES membership groups (while maintaining privacy protocols).  This is one way in which a Chapter can link into the wider OES community: and, of course, the reverse flow from other Chapters will bring benefits to your members.  A specific example of this is that any e-meetings of the new Delhi Chapter could be offered to all the Sections in India.

If you are looking for lasting benefits from the CV-19 restrictions then this is one!

As a final comment here, I remind everyone that when you renew your membership for next year, you will be automatically invited to register for membership in one or more of the OES Technology Committees. The TCs are listed as “products” in the IEEE Memberships and Subscriptions Catalog under Technical Committees and registration is free for all OES members.

Keep safe.