September 2020 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief   

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • Baron; A. Finez; S. Bouley; F. Fayet; J.I. Mars; B. Nicolas, “Hydrophone Array Optimization, Conception, and Validation for Localization of Acoustic Sources in Deep-Sea Mining.”
  • Zheng; J. Zhang; T.C. Yang; X. Pan, “Spatial Diversity and Geoacoustic Inversion Using Distributed Sources and Receivers.”
  • Kragelund; C. Walton; I. Kaminer; V. Dobrokhodov, “Generalized Optimal Control for Autonomous Mine Countermeasures Missions.”
  • Tu; X. Xu; A. Song, “Frequency-Domain Decision Feedback Equalization for Single-Carrier Transmission in Fast Time-Varying Underwater Acoustic Channels.”
  • Falcão Carneiro; J.B. Pinto; F. Gomes de Almeida; N. Cruz, “Variable Buoyancy or Propeller-Based Systems for Hovering Capable Vehicles: An Energetic Comparison.”
  • Alam; G. Murad Reis; L. Bobadilla; R.N. Smith, “A Data-Driven Deployment and Planning Approach for Underactuated Vehicles in Marine Environments.”
  • Axelsson; C. Rhén, “Neural-Network-Based Classification of Commercial Ships From Multi-Influence Passive Signatures.”
  • Miao; J. Li; H. Sun, “Multimodal Sparse Time-Frequency Representation for Underwater Acoustic Signals.”
  • -J. Kim; W. Koo, “Numerical Study on a Multibuoy-Type Wave Energy Converter With Hydraulic PTO System Under Real Sea Conditions.”
  • A. Bowker; M. Tan; N.C. Townsend, “Forward Speed Prediction of a Free-Running Wave-Propelled Boat.”
  • R. Bates; S.M. Murphy; B.H. Maranda; D.A. Abraham, “Signal-to-Reverberation Ratio Comparison of Linear Frequency Modulated Continuous Active Sonar and Pulsed Active Sonar.”
  • Wang; S. Gao; F. Bi; Y. Li; D. Guo; P. Ren, “Residual Learning With Multifactor Extreme Learning Machines for Waveheight Prediction.”
  • Miron-Morin; D.R. Barclay; J.-F. Bousquet, “The Oceanographic Sensitivity of the Acoustic Channel in Shallow Water.”
  • Heshmati-Alamdari; C.P. Bechlioulis; G.C. Karras; K.J. Kyriakopoulos, “Cooperative Impedance Control for Multiple Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems Under Lean Communication.”
  • D. Monaco; S.F. Johnson; D.C. Brown; S.N. Brennan, “Motion Estimation From Doppler and Spatial Data in SONAR Images.”
  • Mizuno; P. Cristini; D. Komatitsch; Y. Capdeville, “Numerical and Experimental Study of Wave Propagation in Water-Saturated Granular Media Using Effective Method Theories and a Full-Wave Numerical Simulation.”
  • D. Ngo; C. Sultan; J.H. VanZwieten; N.I. Xiros, “Constrained Control of Moored Ocean Current Turbines With Cyclic Blade Pitch Variations.”
  • Ji; B. Yang; Q. Tang, “Acoustic Seabed Classification Based on Multibeam Echosounder Backscatter Data Using the PSO-BP-AdaBoost Algorithm: A Case Study From Jiaozhou Bay, China.”
  • Li; H. Wang; Y. Gao, “Development of a Real-Time Latching Control Algorithm Based on Wave Force Prediction.”
  • Fan; K. Chan; C.K.H. Chin, “Motion Analysis of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Tethered With an Optical Fiber for Real-Time Surveillance.”
  • Liu; H. Zhou; W. Huang; B. Wen, “Submesoscale Eddies Observation Using High-Frequency Radars: A Case Study in the Northern South China Sea.”
  • Kumar Sahu; P. Shanmugam, “Improving the Link Availability of an Underwater Wireless Optical Communication System Using Chirped Pulse Compression Technique.”
  • Boehm; E. Berkenpas; C. Shepard; D.A. Paley, “Tracking Performance of Model-Based Thruster Control of a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle.”
  • Zhang; J. Wu; Y. Mo; B. Sun; L. Ma, “The Same Reflective Characteristics for Different Effective Geoacoustic Parameters in Different Models.”
  • Neettiyath; B. Thornton; M. Sangekar; Y. Nishida; K. Ishii; A. Bodenmann; T. Sato; T. Ura; A. Asada, “Deep-Sea Robotic Survey and Data Processing Methods for Regional-Scale Estimation of Manganese Crust Distribution.”
  • Zhang; B. Kieft; B.W. Hobson; B.-Y. Raanan; S.S. Urmy; K.J. Pitz; C.M. Preston; B. Roman; K.J. Benoit-Bird; J.M. Birch; F.P. Chavez; C.A. Scholin, “Persistent Sampling of Vertically Migrating Biological Layers by an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Within the Beam of a Seabed-Mounted Echosounder.”
  • F. Davis; B.C. Fabien “Wave Excitation Force Prediction of a Heaving Wave Energy Converter.”
  • Bore; J. Folkesson, “Modeling and Simulation of Sidescan Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network.”
  • Kasetkasem; Y. Tipsuwan; S. Tulsook; A. Muangkasem; A. Leangaramkul; P. Hoonsuwan, “A Pipeline Extraction Algorithm for Forward-Looking Sonar Images Using the Self-Organizing Map.”
  • Xi; S. Yan; L. Xu; C. Hou, “Sparsity-Aware Adaptive Turbo Equalization for Underwater Acoustic Communication in the Mariana Trench.”