September 2020 OES Beacon

From the OES BEACON Editors – September 2020

Harumi Sugimatsu and Robert Wernli

Well, your Beacon editors haven’t been doing much traveling lately, like we’re sure the same for the rest of you, so here’s a flash back to the OCEANS 2009 Biloxi conference. Happier times.

Welcome to the September 2020 issue of the Beacon. Well, your editors wish we were passing out issues of the Beacon to attendees at one of our great conferences, but, in 2020 hindsight, that isn’t going to happen till next year . . . hopefully. But we’re doing our best to ensure you receive, in the mail and on line, the latest news regarding your society and its members.

The effects of the virus have not been pleasant; however, we did receive a few reports regarding what some of our members did, and dealt with, as they remained hunkered down at home. From photography to sailboat repair, from the Cape Cod seashore to Purgatory, and how well remote teaching works at universities in the U.S. and Japan . . . as the articles attest, our members are always active. And be sure to read the article as two of our members educate the young minds of potential future ocean engineers on line in the TryEngineering webinar.

And the activity isn’t just by our individual members as shown in our reports from the Providence and Malaysia chapters, research and educational activities under the Japan chapter, and an excellent report of our newly established IIT Delhi OES student Chapter. Also, an article is provided on the support by the IEEE OES Victoria chapter for a student project at the University of Victoria.

The Journal EIC again provides recently released papers that are available to our members and our VP for Technical Activities provides the latest on our technical committee activities and how you can get involved. Also, with the everchanging conference plans, our VP for OCEANS gives us the latest on the virtual GLOBAL OCEANS conference and upcoming plans for when they again return to face-to-face events. Be sure and review the associated conference ads in this issue for the latest dates and deadlines. And, although our next OCEANS conference is virtual, as described herein, we’ll still be holding the student poster competition with appropriate cash prizes for the winners.

We also take pride in our members. Be sure to see the latest articles including “Who’s Who in the OES” that showcases our WIE representative, recent awards received by our members, our newly elected AdCom members, and the VPPA report with the latest on our Young Professionals and our Women in Engineering and information on the related virtual activities planned for the upcoming GLOBAL OCEANS conference.

Finally, if not already obvious, the effects of the virus have a negative impact on all aspects of OES activities. Our conferences are not the only society work that is going virtual. Because of the loss of conference revenue, all travel to meetings for your elected officers has been cancelled and meetings are now held virtually. Budgets have been cut back in many other areas while we balance the books and work thru the effects of the virus. However, the brighter side of all this is, that for those who like to live and work on line, it is nirvana. As described in this issue’s articles, there are plenty of opportunities for members who want to support our virtual events and on line activities.

There is a wealth of other information and articles in this issue that we hope you enjoy. And, as always, we’ll close by inviting you to participate in your society. Submit articles and material for the Beacon. Or . . . volunteer for other society activities as a participant or an elected officer. It’s your society and it is here to help you reach your professional goals. Enjoy.