March 2023 Beacon

From the President (March 2023)

Christopher Whitt, OES President

Welcome to 2023! The year is just beginning and already we expect to see even more activity across the Society and opportunities for us as members. While we all are still conscious of the safety of our families and loved ones as in-person meetings regain momentum, we can’t wait to see you at Offshore Technology Conference, OCEANS, or one of our many workshops and symposia.

To begin 2023, your Administrative Committee (AdCom) met on January 28-29 to have in-depth strategic planning discussions and set priorities for our activities for this year and next. The meeting resulted in a prioritized list of tasks and projects we all agreed to focus on to improve the functioning of the Society. Throughout the discussions we regularly referenced our Vision, which is “a collaborative community working towards a safe, healthy, and productive ocean” and our Mission is “to be the professional home of people passionate about ocean science, engineering and technology.” For more information on our strategic planning please read the report from the Executive Vice President.

Shortly after the AdCom meeting, the Executive Committee (ExCom) held a follow-up meeting to develop the detailed plans for 2023 for each of our Society activities. ExCom took the prioritized list of tasks from the AdCom meeting and further developed the costs and volunteer efforts required and ensured that every action is assigned to specific individuals for implementation.

With plans in place we are now hard at work preparing to support conferences, workshops, symposia and local activities all around the world. In May the Offshore Technology Conference happens in Houston, USA. At OTC, OES will be supporting the theme of “Delivering the Future of Offshore Energy.” As we know well, ocean engineering and science is crucial to better understand the ocean, so that we can better manage ocean resources while sustainably meeting the needs of society. Of course, there will be the OCEANS Conferences, in Limerick, Ireland, in June and Gulf Coast, USA, in September. We expect to have strong society activity at each of those events. If you plan to attend, please come to the Society booth and visit us, and join us at the OES Member’s Reception.

Additionally, there are several workshops and symposia around the world on more specific topics (see the report from the VP of Workshops and Symposia).

As I’ve previously reported, we intend to expand the Society efforts to address sustainability in 2023. We already have the Ocean Decade Initiative, which aims to connect our members to the needs and opportunities within the science community, which is coalescing around the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. In addition, we intend to address the sustainability of OES activities directly.

As always, there are more exciting projects and opportunities than there are people to develop them. If you wish to get more involved in Society activities in any way, please email me!