March 2022 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers (March 2022)

 Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • Dong; Z. Li; Z. Hu; S. Wu, “The Effects of Vertical Correlation Characteristics on Vertical Array Gain Performance in Deep Water.”
  • Yang; H. Wang; K. Hu; G. Yi; Z. Wei, “IA-Net: An Inception-Attention-Module-Based Network for Classifying Underwater Images from Others.”
  • Sholl, K. Nelson, K. Mohseni , “Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Depth and Pitch Trajectory Tracking using Fiber-Reinforced Elastomer Bladders for Buoyancy Control.”
  • Sebino Terracciano; R. Costanzi; V. Manzari; M. Stifani; A. Caiti, “Passive Bearing Estimation Using a 2-D Acoustic Vector Sensor Mounted on a Hybrid Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.”
  • Tollefsen; W. S. Hodgkiss; S. E. Dosso; J. Bonnel; D. P. Knobles, “Probabilistic Estimation of Merchant Ship Source Levels in an Uncertain Shallow-Water Environment.”
  • Howarth; T. B. Neilsen; D. F. Van Komen; D. P. Knobles, “Seabed Classification Using a Convolutional Neural Network on Explosive Sounds.”
  • Favretto-Cristini; F. Wang; P. Cristini; T. Garlan; O. Morio; E. Diego Mercerat; V. Monteiller; A. Deschamps; E. Beucler, “Assessment of Risks Induced by Countermining Unexploded Large-Charge Historical Ordnance in a Shallow Water Environment: Part 2: Modeling of Seismo-Acoustic Wave Propagation.”
  • -H. Michalopoulou; P. Gerstoft; D. Rios; W. S. Hodgkiss, “Tracking and Inversion Using Midfrequency Signals in the Seabed Characterization Experiment.”
  • D. Rajan; L. Wan; M. Badiey; P. S. Wilson, “Seabed Characterization Experiment: Analysis of Broadband Data.”