March 2022 OES Beacon

OCEANS Conferences 2022

John Watson, OES Vice-President for OCEANS

By the time you read this OCEANS 2022 Chennai ( ) will, in all probability, be over. The impact of COVID-19 is still having an effect on our OCEANS program, and Chennai is no exception. Our local committee had to adopt and adapt to a hybrid conference, utilizing both in-person and virtual components. This they did with enthusiasm and diligence, and I can confidently predict that those who attended (in whatever form, virtual or in-person) will have had a worthwhile and successful, and enjoyable, conference. Given the extenuating circumstances I wish to extend, in advance, my thanks and congratulations to the LOC and all who have contributed to OCEANS in Chennai.

And so,,, onto OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads ( ). The Hampton Roads team are up and running towards October. They are also facing the same decision as Chennai: do they stick with in-person or adopt a virtual element? At the time of writing, and being aware of the ever-changing virus situation, it looks like a significant virtual component is likely. The Call for Papers will be issued following the Chennai conference. There will be an update on Hampton Roads in the next issue of BEACON.