March 2022 OES Beacon

From the OES Webmaster -New IEEE OES Wikipedia Site

Steve Holt, OES Webmaster

The IEEE OES has now had its presence on Wikipedia updated with the latest information.  It begins with a description of our four part mission, which consists of our Vision, Objectives, Purpose and our Field of Interest. It then breaks further down into several activities, which are: Publications, Conferences, Workshops, and Symposia, Awards, Chapters, Technology Committees, Standing Committees on Standards, Distinguished Lecturers Program, Social Media and Outreach, Woman in Engineering and Young Professionals. An extensive References section was also added. Finally, an additional section of our RECON activities will be added soon.

This work consisted of input gathered from several of our OES Members who contribute to these various activities. As the OES Webmaster, I coordinated this effort and would like  to thank everyone who forwarded info to me so that I could work with Wikipedia.  I would also like to personally thank Hari Vishnu for his efforts in formatting all of the text to meet Wikipedia’s rigid standards. To observe our Wikipedia presence, please go to: