March 2021 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers (March 2021)

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief   

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

•       Y.C. Lin; C.J. Earls, “Validation Experiment of a Single-View Image-Sequence Algorithm to Identify Scale and Sea-State Characteristics.”

•       M. Goldschmidt; J. Horn; M. Jonson; R. Medvitz , “Modeling of a Marine Hydrokinetic Cycloturbine Vehicle.”

•       M.J. Kuhlman; D. Jones; D.A. Sofge; G.A. Hollinger; S.K. Gupta, “Collaborating Underwater Vehicles Conducting Large-Scale Geospatial Tasks.”

•       Y. Miao; Y.V. Zakharov; H. Sun; J. Li; J. Wang, “Underwater Acoustic Signal Classification Based on Sparse Time-Frequency Representation and Deep Learning.”

•       I.R. Urazghildiiev; B. Martin; D.E. Hannay, “The Accuracy of Bearing Estimates of Wideband Signals Produced by Marine Animals.”

•       Z. Xu; M. Haroutunian; A.J. Murphy; J. Neasham; R. Norman, “An Integrated Visual Odometry System for Underwater Vehicles.”

•       S. Wang; M. Yang; Y. Wang; S. Yang; S. Lan; X. Zhang, “Optimization of Flight Parameters for Petrel-L Underwater Glider.”

•       T.I.B. Lønmo; A. Austeng; R.E. Hansen, “Data-Driven Autocalibration for Swath Sonars.”

•       G.C. Eastland; P.L. Marston, “Time Evolution of Bistatic Acoustic Scattering: Mechanism Loci Identification for Broadside Cylinder Near a Flat Interface.”

•       Y. Wang; Y. Ji; H. Woo; Y. Tamura; H. Tsuchiya; A. Yamashita; H. Asama, “Acoustic Camera-Based Pose Graph SLAM for Dense 3-D Mapping in Underwater Environments.”

•       X. Yi; X. Wu; X. Yue; L. Zhang; Z. Chen; B. Wan, “Ocean Surface Current Inversion With Anchored Floating High-Frequency Radar: Yaw Compensation.”

•       G. Chua; M. Chitre; G.B. Deane, “Long-Lived Bubbles and Their Impact on Underwater Acoustic Communication.”

•       S.M. Murphy; L.M. Zurk; M.E.W. Coffin, “Processing Continuous Active Sonar Transmissions to Achieve an Arbitrarily Fast Update Rate With Full Instantaneous Bandwidth.”

•       X. Tian; L. Zhang; H. Zhang; Y. Wang; Y. Liu; Y. Yang; L. Song, “The Optimal Lift-Drag Ratio of Underwater Glider for Improving Sailing Efficiency.”

•       D. Chwa, “Adaptive Neural Output Feedback Tracking Control of Underactuated Ships Against Uncertainties in Kinematics and System Matrices.”

•       J.T. Klamo; K.I Yeager; C.Y. Cool; T.M. Turner; Y.W. Kwon, “The Effects of Cross-Sectional Geometry on Wave-Induced Loads for Underwater Vehicles.”