March 2021 OES Beacon

 Dana Yoerger -Elevation to IEEE Fellow in 2020

Jay Pearlman, OES AdCom member

We would like to congratulate Dana Yoerger on his elevation to IEEE Fellow in 2020. This elevation recognizes his exemplary contributions to ocean science and engineering. Dr. Yoerger is a legendary figure in marine robotics who played a key role in creating and operating major “facility class” ROVs (Jason) and UAVs (ABE, Sentry) used by scientists from around the world, with another now coming online (Mesobot). ABE led the way for UAVs that map unique deep sea environments, in particular spreading centers on the Mid Ocean Ridge. Sentry has carried out over 500 dives under the National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF). Sentry surveyed challenging seafloor environments including underwater volcanoes, hydrothermal vent sites, and detachment faults. After the Gulf oil spill, Sentry made detailed maps of the mid-water hydrocarbon plume and assessed deep water coral sites. Later, Sentry aided in the search for the Voyage Data Recorder from the lost vessel El Faro.  Dana made key contributions to NDSF vehicles, including the vehicle conceptual designs, contributing to their navigation and control systems as well as their mapping capabilities, and serving as ABE and Sentry expedition leader on dozens of expeditions. Dana Yoerger is an author peer-reviewed papers with some 10,000 citations.  The Fellow elevation recognizes Dr. Yoerger “for the development of autonomous underwater vehicles that provide powerful tools for deep ocean science.”


Again, our congratulations to Dana Yoerger.