September 2021 OES Beacon

OCEANS Conferences 2021 – Where are we now?

John Watson, OES Vice-President for OCEANS

So here we are, very close to OCEANS 2021 San Diego – Porto. Some features make this conference and exposition stand out from previous OCEANS, and even from our first joint OCEANS held at Singapore and Gulf Coast last year. That latter event was held as a purely virtual conference, whereas the San Diego-Porto meeting is a mixture of hybrid and in-person content. The San Diego component will be predominantly in-person and will be held in the San Diego Town & Country Resort complex; the Porto component will focus on a purely virtual content. At the time of writing, over 300 papers will be presented virtually on the Porto site and over 200 in-person in San Diego. While lower than at previous in-person OCEANS, this is a very good response given that the COVID-19 issues are still with us.

Although having joined forces, the two teams are maintaining their distinct identities and promoting their own Conference themes of “Sustaining our Oceans: Sustaining our Future” (San Diego) and “Opening the Ocean Frontier:  A New Age of Discoveries (Porto). In addition, there will be a joint kick-off with the United Nations of its IOC “Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.”

I personally am looking forward immensely to the joint conference; the provisional program is really exciting and we should congratulate the respective Chairs (Antonio Pascoal, Joao Soares and Eduardo da Silva for Porto and Alan Kenny and Bob Wernli for San Diego) on their outstanding efforts in bringing this conference to its fruition.

All the latest information on what you should do and how to attend is on the web site at The dates are 20-23 September 2021 – put them in your diary now.

Looking forward from San Diego-Porto, we have Chennai in India in the early part of 2022 ( Because of the continuing coronavirus situation, the Chennai team has made the brave decision to go for a hybrid event and we’ll bring you information on this as it develops.