September 2021 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief   

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Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • “Subcarrier Mapping for Underwater Video Transmission Over OFDM”, R. Hegazy, J. Kadifa, L. Milstein, P. Cosman.
  • “In Situ Performance Prediction of a Coherent Acoustic Modem in a Reverberant Environment”, P. A. van Walree, M. E. G. D. Colin.
  • “Comprehensive Underwater Object Tracking Benchmark Dataset and Underwater Image Enhancement With GAN”, K. Panetta, L. Kezebou, V. Oludare, S. Agaian.
  • “Riding Stress Wave: Underwater Communications Through Pipeline Networks”, D. Wei, C. Qi, C. Huang, J. Chenn, A. Song, G. Song, M. Pan.
  • “Terrain-Aided Navigation With Coarse Maps—Toward an Arctic Crossing With an AUV”, G. Salavasidis, A. Munafò, S. D. McPhail, C. A. Harris, D. Fenucci, M. Pebody, E. Rogers, A. B. Philips.
  • “Underwater Optical 3-D Reconstruction of Photometric Stereo Considering Light Refraction and Attenuation”, H. Fan, L. Qi, C. Chen, Y. Rao, L. Kong, J. Dong, H. Yu.
  • “Range-Dependent Inversion for Seabed Parameters Using Vector Acoustic Measurements of Underwater Ship Noise”, P. H. Dahl, D. R. Dall’Osto.
  • “Improvement of the Position Estimation for Underwater Gliders With a Passive Acoustic Method”, C. Jiang, J. Li, W. Xu, W. Feng.
  • “New Insight Into Internal Waves for Maritime Applications: A Novel Optical Method With Ocean Experimental Results”, P. Naresh, T. Santhanakrishnan, R. L. Awasthi, R. Rajesh, B. Mathew.
  • “Real-Time Flight Simulation of Hydrobatic AUVs Over the Full 0°–360° Envelope”, S. Bhat, I. Stenius, T. Miao.
  • “Multitarget Tracking With Multiple Models and Visibility: Derivation and Verification on Maritime Radar Data”, E. F. Brekke, A. G. Hem, L. -C. N. Tokle.
  • “Localizing Sources Using a Network of Synchronized Compact Arrays”, I. R. Urazghildiiev, D. E. Hannay.
  • “Digital In-Line Holography for Large-Volume Analysis of Vertical Motion of Microscale Marine Plankton and Other Particles”, Z. Liu, T. Takahashi, D. Lindsay, T. Thevar, M. Sangekar, H. K. Watanabe, N. Burns, J. Watson, B. Thornton.
  • “Transdimensional Inversion on the New England Mud Patch Using High-Order Modes”, J. Bonnel, S. E. Dosso, D. P. Knobles, P. S. Wilson.
  • “Deep Learning for Imputation and Forecasting Tidal Level”, C. -H. Yang, C. -H. Wu, C. -M. Hsieh, Y. -C. Wang, I. -F. Tseng, S. -H. Tseng.
  • “Adaptive Sampling of Surface Fronts in the Arctic Using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle”, T. O. Fossum, P. Norgren, I. Fer, F. Nilsen, Z. C. Koenig, M. Ludvigsen.
  • “Seabed Observations at the New England Mud Patch: Reflection and Scattering Measurements and Direct Geoacoustic Information”, C. W. Holland, C. M. Smith, Z. Lowe, J. Dorminy.
  • “Spatial Coherence of Speckle for Repeat-Pass Synthetic Aperture Sonar Micronavigation”, S. A. V. Synnes, R. E. Hansen, T. O. Sæbø.
  • “Parameter Optimization for an Underwater Optical Wireless Vertical Link Subject to Link Misalignments”, I. C. Ijeh, M. A. Khalighi, S. Hranilovic.
  • “A Marine Growth Detection System for Underwater Gliders”, E. Anderlini, D. A. Real-Arce, T. Morales, C. Barrera, J. J. Hernández-Brito, A. B. Phillips, G. Thomas.
  • “Collaborating Ray Tracing and AI Model for AUV-Assisted 3-D Underwater Sound-Speed Inversion”, W. Huang, M. Liu, D. Li, F. Yin, H. Chen, J. Zhou, H. Xu.