September 2020 OES Beacon

Who’s who in the OES – September 2020

Farheen Fauziaya, OES WIE Liaison and a newly elected AdCom member (from 2021 to 2023)

Fig: After receiving certification of appreciation at OCEANS 2019 Seattle

The literal meaning of my name is “a wise lady who emerged triumphant.” When I have lived my life, I hope I would have done justice to my name, which my parents so lovingly chose. Today, however, I see myself a determined and perceptive human who is diligently working towards achieving her life goals despite all the prejudices and hardships. Life for a person with my background has been a challenge, and that is what makes it exciting. The reason for choosing these unconventional opening statements is that I want to motivate my fellow WIE; I want them to believe in themselves and to know that whatever their goal it can be achieved.

I was born in a small town in the poor and populous state of Bihar in India, hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. I developed a love for numbers while still in school, it was further enhanced in college where I was drawn towards signal processing. Luckily for me I got an opportunity to hone my signal processing skills by applying them to one of the most challenging applications, viz. underwater wireless communications. I explored vector sensors and directional transducers, as potential devices for enhancing the performance of underwater acoustic communication systems, during my doctoral studies at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. I continue to actively pursue research in the area of underwater acoustic communications in particular and signal processing in general.

Over the years, I have lived in multiple cities and towns around India and, of late, my research and my association with IEEE OES has taken me around the world. I love visiting new places and learning new things. I have been a keen learner throughout my life and have been blessed with great mentors throughout my life. My family, my teachers, my supervisors, my learned mentor at IEEE OES, all deserve a special mention for making me who I am today.

I have no special hobby; I have gone thru a fair number of them over the years. However, what is important for me is to give my complete attention to whatever I am engaged in at that particular phase of my life. I believe faith gives us strength and an open-mind presents us with opportunities. A combination of the two has been the driving force of my life. I live with my husband and his family in Patna, Bihar and love to spend free time with them at home.

I have been engaged with IEEE OES for five years now and have been actively contributing to the society in different roles and responsibilities. I have volunteered as social media reporter at multiple OES events, I have judged student poster competition at OCEANS multiple times, I have contributed to The Beacon and in Earthzine. In addition to serving on OES AdCom, I am the current IEEE OES WIE liaison and an active member of the Delhi Chapter of IEEE. I have established a student branch chapter at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and served on its executive team.

I look forward to a continued association with IEEE OES and hope to motivate women researchers to make significant contributions to Oceans Engineering. On a personal front I intend to continue learning and working towards turning my parents hope into reality. I will be happy to support or advise anyone who wishes to participate in IEEE OES activities.