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Underwater Acoustic Lab, CARE, IIT Delhi

The Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE) established in 1971 has been engaged in focused, goal-oriented applied research and specialized manpower training in in the areas of Microwaves & Millimetre Waves and Underwater Electronics / Signal Processing and has served several important requirements over the past five decades.

Our signal processing group endeavors to provide real-life problems in underwater scenarios as research theses to encourage technology development and generation of new application ideas in the oceanic domain.  The ocean is one of the richest and most underutilized resources on Earth and one should work on technology that increases our ability to tap it as a resource for food, energy and trade—without harmful consequences. IEEE OES student chapter has been formed with the following aims:

  • To devise the tools and techniques necessary to study and make use of the oceans
  • Probe unexplored corners of the ocean and refine true and tested research methods and develop innovative new ones.
  • To provide a platform and administer scholarship funds for students to showcase the work and learn more in naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and other marine fields
  • To extend educational facilities and train the manpower from industry, R & D organizations, and other educational institutions to enable them to carry out tasks in areas of Ocean Engineering.
  • To collaborate with user organizations on need-based problems
  • So, we can build meaningful professional relationships, encourage diverse dialogue, and strengthen technical and professional ties in the local area through different activities such as workshops and distinguished lectures arranged by the OES Student Chapter.
Speech by Prof. Monika Aggarwal
Talk by Prof. Arun Kumar
Talk by Cdr. Gaurav Sharma
Students Representing Their Ideas



The “Inauguration of IITD-OES STUDENT CHAPTER was organized on 7th February 2020” in IIT Delhi. The student chapter conducted a student symposium on Ocean technology on the inauguration day. We received many entries and 6 students were shortlisted for presentation in IIT Delhi. Prof. Monika Agarwal, Faculty advisor, briefed the audience about mission and vision of newly formed chapter. Prof. Arun Kumar (Head of Centre of Applied Research in Electronics) also gave a talk on ‘An Overview of Underwater Acoustic Vector Sensor’ which is one of great research area one can explore. The students also got the opportunity to have an informal discussion with dignitaries.  Selected students shared different ideas in field of ocean science and technology such as Ocean Vehicles and Structures, Marine Pollution, Marker-less Pose estimation of Aquatic Animals in Video Feed, etc. Cdr. Gaurav Sharma (an alumnus of National Defense Academy) and Dr. Sharbari Banerjee (Assistant Professor at Amity University) also shared their research work as well as real time problem existing in oceanic field. The winners got chance to present their views in MTS TECHSYM-2020, Chennai.

Talk by Prof. Sukumar Mishra

Distinguished lectures

The student chapter has organized distinguished lectures on different topics. The first lecture was conducted by Prof. Sukumar Mishra on 10th February, 2019 at IIT Delhi. Prof. Sukumar Mishra is a Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, and recipient of INSA medal, INAE young engineer award, and winner of the Samanta Chandra Shekhar Award. In his lecture Prof. Mishra discussed about Microgrids,  which are  being regarded as “elementary units” of smart grid Technologies.

On 4th March, another lecture was addressed by Prof. A. D. Rao of IIT, Delhi on Storm surges and associated coastal inundation due to tropical cyclones: Recent development. Prof. Rao joined the faculty of Centre for Atmospheric Sciences at IIT Delhi. His research interests are in developing numerical models for ocean state prediction system. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and an associate editor for International Journal of Ocean Climate Systems.

Talk by Prof. A D Rao

On 10th July, another distinguished webinar talk was arranged by student chapter which was presented by Dr. Ananya Sen Gupta, assistant professor in University of Iowa, on “Harnessing Geometric Techniques for Robust Real-time Estimation of Shallow Water Acoustic Channels”. She also worked in Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Dr. Sen is an Associate Editor of IEEE Access, a guest editor of IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering Special Issue in “Underwater Acoustic Propagation Physics and Signal Processing Techniques for Shallow Water Acoustic Communications” and a Technical Committee participant in IEEE OES. In particular, she presented the efficacy of employing geometric signal processing techniques to adaptively track the shallow water acoustic channel and interpret the channel scattering events under divers oceanic conditions.

On 25th July, distinguished webinar talk was presented by Dr. Suleman Mazhar on Road Anomaly Classification for Low-Cost Road Maintenance and Route Quality Maps.” Dr. Suleman Mazhar is a professor at HEU, China. He was also heading BiSMiL Lab and worked as assistant professor at GIK Institute, Topi. He is a senior member of IEEE, TYSP fellow and State alumni. In his lecture, he presented anomaly classification system used as a low-cost road maintenance solution by road repairing authorities and the road quality maps, which solution by road repairing authorities, and the road quality maps, which can provide the passengers and drivers with the information of most comfortable route for their journey.

Webinar Talk by Dr. Ananya Sen Gupta
Webinar Talk by Dr. Suleman Mazhar

Webinar Talk by Dr. Suleman Mazhar

Such student chapter activity is widely considered the key element leading to increased participation and retention of students, and women and minorities, in the field of ocean engineering. We have been trying to increase mentorship opportunities for students and IEEE OES provides a support network, access to role models and personal interaction with experienced professionals to engage its students, helping them advance.

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