June 2022 OES Beacon

OCEANS Conferences 2022 and beyond

John Watson, OES Vice-President for OCEANS

The OCEANS 2022 Chennai conference has now been and gone. This was the first time that OCEANS reached out to the Indian sub-continent and marked a significant milestone in widening the impact and reach of the OCEANS marque. In spite of the problems brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the small number of delegates from outwith India who could attend, the conference was deemed a great success by those who did attend in person and those who could only attend on-line. The program was varied and up-to-the minute, the plenaries demonstrated a wide range of topics delivered by the top experts in their fields. The Chennai team are to be complimented and congratulated on their exceptional efforts in delivering an outstanding OCEANS. The presentations can still be viewed at https://chennai22.oceansconference.org.

The OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads conference is now in its final stages of preparation. Like the 2022 Chennai event, it will be run as a hybrid event but it is believed that the recent world-wide relaxations in COVID-19 restrictions will allow a much higher number of registrants and attendance of in-person delegates. This will be a welcome return to some degree of normality! The call for papers has now closed so I hope you have managed to meet the deadline. See the web-site for the latest program/events and registration. See https://hamptonroads22.oceansconference.org.

One recent bit of news: the venue for the 2025 Rest of the World OCEANS has now been approved; it will return to Brest on the Atlantic Coast of France in June of 2025.  The Executive Chair is Prof Rene Garello, who is well known to many of you. Both 2025 venues have now been announced and the North American edition of OCEANS will be on the Great Lakes, in Chicago.

Before either of these, though, we have four more venues to look forward to: the 2023 European OCEANS will be held in Ireland for the first time, at Limerick on the west coast. I know that we will experience traditional Irish hospitality and have a great conference. Following that we will return to the Gulf Coast for the next North Amereican OCEANS in 2023. The Gulf Coast is always a memorable event and will be familiar to many of you. The  two OCEANS for 2024 will feature a welcome return to Singapore – in person, and a renewed experience as we once again go to Halifax in Nova Scotia.