December 2023

Technology Committee on Ocean Sustainable Energy Systems (OSES) Report

Bill Wilson, Chair of Ocean Sustainable Energy Systems (OSES)

The Ocean Sustainable Energy Systems (OSES) Technology Committee supports the development and deployment of fully sustainable and affordable systems for harvesting energy offshore, and delivering that energy in appropriate forms for human use. Thus, offshore wind power plant, tidal-range and tidal-stream generation plant, wave energy converters, systems generating electricity from thermal gradients and/or salinity gradients, offshore solar thermal and photovoltaic systems and systems for the offshore farming of algae and other biomass are all within the scope. Coupled with these energy harvesting technologies, the scope necessarily embraces systems for energy storage such as the various forms of offshore pumped-hydro, underwater compressed air storage and storage of synthesized energy vectors as well as systems for power transmission across stretches of the ocean/sea. Integrated systems comprising systems for energy harvesting, storage and transmission are central.

  • In 2023 as the new Chair of OSES my first task was to organize a panel on “Sustainable Ocean Energy Technology and Policy” at the OES sponsored 2023 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech).  This panel was well received and included subject matter experts from academia, industry and government.
  • At OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast there were two panels relating to Ocean Energy, a Technical Session on Ocean Renewable Energy as well as a number of ocean energy related papers presented in other sessions. It is an objective of OSES to participate in future OCEANS conferences.
  • OES OSES and The Power Engineering Society (PES) Marine Systems Coordinating Committee (MSCC) initiated discussions in September to organize collaborative activities.

In 2024 OSES is planning to:

  • Develop program content for Sustech 2024 including a potential SusTech Talks webinar on an Ocean Energy related topic in one of the months leading up to the conference.
  • Provide program assistance related to Sustainable Ocean Energy for other OES sponsored conferences in 2024.
  • Further explore opportunities for collaboration with PES and other organizations such as MTS who recently created a committee on Offshore Renewable Energy.
  • Develop one or more programs specifically for OSES members such as a quarterly newsletter and/or webinars.

The OSES Technology Committee invites you to support and attend the above events or volunteer to participate in the mission of OSES.  You may contact the committee at