December 2023

IEEE OES Technical Committees Update – 2023 Achievements and Future Plans

M A Atmanand, Technical activities coordinator, Shyam Madhusudhana, VP Technical Activities

As we reflect on the dynamic year that was 2023, we take pride in the accomplishments and endeavors of our revamped Technical Committees (TCs) and their dedicated Chairs and Vice Chairs. Here’s a snapshot of the activities and plans from a few of our TCs:

Autonomous Maritime Systems – Bharath Kalyan & William Kirkwood:

The Autonomous Maritime Systems TC spearheaded the Robotics for Asset Maintenance and Inspection (RAMI) Marine Robots challenge, a highlight in the European Robotics League. Breaking the Surface 2023 in Kumbor, Montenegro, showcased cutting-edge advancements in maritime robotics, drawing over 200 participants from 32 countries.

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for SAUVC 2024 (April 5-8) in Singapore, an event that promises to captivate underwater vehicle enthusiasts. OCEANS 2024 (April 15-18) in Singapore is set to host a special session on novel AUV, USV, and multi-domain platforms, delving into trusted AI-driven autonomy and ocean robotics.

Subsea Optics and Vision – Haiyong Zheng & John Watson:

The SOV TC Chair, based in Qingdao/Shandong, welcomed 15+ new IEEE OES members. A remarkable DL Talk by Prof. Ferdinando Nunziata at the Italian National Research Council and active participation in various conferences showcased their commitment.

Looking forward, the SOV TC plans to continue its efforts in promoting underwater imaging with deep learning. They aim to submit a petition for the Chinese IEEE OES Chapter in Qingdao/Shandong Section and organize SOV-related workshops and special issues in reputable journals.

Ocean Remote Sensing – Ferdinando Nunziata & Paolo de Matthaeis:

The Ocean Remote Sensing TC organized a full-day tutorial on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) remote sensing at OCEANS, Limerick. Future plans include another tutorial on SAR remote sensing of coastal areas at the IEEE MetroSea Conference in Malta. The TC is fostering connections with IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) and Power and Energy Society (PES) societies, planning thematic sessions, and proposing community-contributed sessions for IGARSS’24.

Underwater Communications, Navigation and Positioning – Milicia Stojanovic & Mandar Chitre:

The TC is actively engaged in organizing events and lectures worldwide. The website is up and running, reinforcing their commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in underwater communications, navigation, and positioning.

Polar Oceans – Andreas Marouchos & Bill Yu:

Contributing to the Southern Ocean Observation System (SOOS) Symposium 2023 and planning for future collaborations, the Polar Oceans TC is making strides. Their special session at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024 is a must-attend for those interested in autonomous sensing and monitoring in polar environments.

Ocean Sustainable Energy Systems – Bill Wilson:

The TC orchestrated a successful Sustainable Technology Conference, sparking discussions on ocean energy technology and policy. SusTech 2024 is on the horizon, with potential collaborations covering grid connectivity, offshore energy standards, and emerging technologies.

Underwater Acoustics – Suleman Mazhar, Xuebo Zhang & Mehdi Rahmati:

With an online presence of around 20 members, the TC is actively participating in various conferences and coordinating with student branch chapters. Special issues in reputable journals showcase their commitment to advancing underwater acoustics.

Current, Wave, Turbulence Measurement and Applications – Weimin Huang:

The TC is gearing up for the 13th IEEE OES CWTM Workshop in 2024, and they actively participated in OCEANS 2023.

Data Analytics, Integration, and Modeling – Gopu Potty & Ananya Sen Gupta:

The TC hosted a successful OES Meeting in Feb 2024, organizing online sessions and town halls. Their future plans include DL nominations and active participation in Oceans Decade activities.

Ocean Observation Systems and Environmental Sustainability – René Garello & R. Venkatesan:

This TC is driving initiatives for an Ocean Best Practices workshop, forging connections with International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange” (IODE)/ Global Ocean Observations System (GOOS), and planning a special session at Singapore OCEANS. The TC took an active part in the IEEE R8 Committee on Climate Change, as lead on the Ocean topic. TC also gave an invited talk on Climate Change at the IEEE R8 Humanitarian Activities Committee. Development of “Marine Debris monitoring activities,” in collaboration with GEO Blue Planet, was also taken up. A Keynote address at IEEE Sri Lanka Young Professionals & Women (SYW) Congress 2023 Sustaining the Blue Planet: Climate Change and Oceans at Sri Lanka was made by the TC.

The TC is planning a Webinar on Marine Debris pollution. It is also proposed to participate in the UN Decade meeting, Barcelona, April, 2024, and also organize potential sessions at the OCEANS conferences. Another activity is to organize Ocean Best Practices (OBPS) workshop with a focus session on “Integration of low-cost sensor technologies into observing systems – a need for best practices and standards”

As we look forward to the exciting prospects of 2024, we extend our gratitude to all our TCs for their dedication, innovation, and collaborative spirit. Together, we continue to shape the future of oceanic exploration and research.