September 2023 OES Beacon

10th IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability 2023 (SusTech 2023)

Venugopalan Pallayil, Vice President for OCEANS (VPO)

The IEEE Conference SusTech is an annual event usually hosted in Portland, Oregon, USA, and sponsored and technically supported by different IEEE organisations. You can read the details of the conference at this website: Some of the IEEE OES members have been contributing to this conference (through paper submission and review) either in their personal capacities or as part of a different organization that supported the conference. In 2023, IEEE OES became a technical co-sponsor to the above conference with a view to propagate the importance of a sustainable ocean among the IEEE community and how OES is contributing to its cause. OES also got actively engaged with the UN Decade of Oceans’ theme ‘the science we need for the oceans we want.’ The plans were to organize relevant technical sessions and a plenary talk that would cover aspects of sustainable oceans. As a member of the technical committee, I attended some of the SusTech 2023 meetings and proposed a couple of technical sessions and a plenary.

Due to limited resources, OES could not handle organization of the technical sessions. However, Mr. Bill Wilson, the Technology Committee Chair for Ocean Sustainable Energy Systems (OSES), helped to organize a panel on “Sustainable Ocean Energy Technologies and Policies” successfully. The panel was well attended and moderated by Mr. Jason Busch, Director, Pacific Ocean Energy and Trust (POET). An abstract of the panel topic and speaker details can be found here:

A summary of the 3.5 day program is provided below:

  • Interactive Workshop • 11 Keynotes • 4 Panels • Over 50 papers in 15 sessions • Sustainability Forum • Student Poster Competition (virtual) • Welcome Reception • YP Networking Event with online Talk by IEEE President Rahman • Conference Dinner
  • Total registrations 109 • In person author 25 • Virtual author 22 • In person attendee 39 • Virtual attendee 11 • Student poster only 11 • Guest 1 • Conference plus Student Poster 4 Speakers and Panelists: • Speakers 11 • Panelists 14

The 2024 schedule of SusTech (April 14-17, 2024) overlaps with OCEANS 2024 Singapore but is not expected to have a big impact on the attendance at OCEANS.  In addition, since Mr. Bill Wilson will be able to support it technically again, OES has decided to continue its technical co-sponsorship of SusTech 2024.