September 2022 OES Beacon

A Fresh Look at Systems Engineering Methods for Ocean Observations

Stephen Holt, Christoph Waldmann, OES Standing Committee on Standards

Stephen Holt

engineering is a well-known concept for engineers in different disciplines. It has moved into ocean sciences when the complexity has risen above a certain level, for instance in the planning and design of new observing platforms and systems. The core of the concept is formed by the collection and documentation of all requirements and subsequently linking them to the context and the system components.

Christoph Waldmann

The field of Ocean Engineering embraces the practices of formal Systems Engineering as part of its process. As such, the IEEE Ocean Engineering Society Standards Committee cooperates closely with the IEEE Systems Council Standards Committee on matters related to Ocean Systems Engineering. The IEEE Systems Council Standards Committee does not produce new standards related to the discipline of systems engineering since this field is involved more with processes and methodologies than with a set of specific standards per se.  However, these two IEEE Standards Committees can recommend, as guidance, specific documents, texts, guidelines, etc., related to employing systems engineering principles, which are commonly accepted in academia, industry, and government from various countries. A list of examples follows on their website at: