September 2021 OES Beacon

Jim Candy recognized by the JASA as a “seminal” author

The Journal of the Acoustic Society of America (JASA) reviews past papers to assess those that have had a significant impact on the science and practice of acoustics. Those historic papers that meet this criteria are classified as “seminal.” A paper published by Jim Candy and Ed Sullivan in 1998 received this distinguished citation. The paper was titled “Space-time array processing: The model-based approach.”

This seminal paper addresses the theoretical advances in array processing and application to diverse practical paradigms in underwater acoustics. According to reflection author Ananya Sen Gupta of the University of Iowa, “The transformational impact of this article was to bridge the gap between sophisticated models of acoustic wave propagation physics and array signal processing theory by recasting the system representation in a state-space setting, where the unknown parameters can be solved using the Kalman filter.”

Congratulations to Jim Candy. You can read the article citation/references at the following link: