September 2019 OES Beacon

YPs at OCEANS 2019 Marseille

Frederic Maussang, OES Young Professionals Rep.     

Our new YP-BOOSTs — Hari, Jeff, Roberto, and Stephanie — were particularly active at OCEANS 2019 Marseille.
They were present at the OES AdCom meeting and participated in the conference organization. Notably, they evaluated conscientiously the Student Poster Competition.

Many thanks to them!

The YPs at OCEANS 2019 Marseille.

In parallel, a meeting was organized on Thursday, June 20th assembling the YP-BOOSTs, former YP-BOOSTs, and other YPs interested in our activities.

A dozen attendees were present. The current and former YP-BOOSTs talked about the origin of their interest and candidature to the YP-BOOST program, their experience, and their activities in the OES.

The meeting provided the opportunity to discuss the advantages of the YP-BOOST program and what could be improved for the future campaign.

This next YP-BOOST candidature session will be open in November 2019, just after OCEANS 2019 Seattle. The two new selected candidates will assume their role for two years from January 2020.

The info on opening the YP-BOOST application process will be transmitted via social media, email, and on the OES website.

See you soon!