September 2019 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief   

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • “Research on Data Processing Method of Multi-Beam Bathymetry Based on Sparse Weighted LS-SVM Algorithm,” X. Huang; C. Huang; G. Zhai; X. Lu; G. Xiao.
  • “Estimates of Low-Frequency Sound Speed and Attenuation in a Surface Mud Layer Using Low-Order Modes,” L. Wan; M. Badiey; D.P. Knobles; P.S. Wilson; J.A. Goff.
  • “Robust Resolution of Velocity Ambiguity for Multi-Frequency Pulse-to-Pulse Coherent Doppler Sonars,” C. Chi, H. Vishnu; K. T. Beng; M. Chitre.
  • “Utilizing Orthogonal Coprime Signals for Improving Broadband Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers,” C. Chi, H. Vishnu; K. T. Beng; M. Chitre.
  • “Observation Based Nonlinear Proportional-Derivative Control for Robust Trajectory Tracking for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles,” J. Geurrero; J. Torres; V. Creuze; A. Chemori.
  • “Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Applied to an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle,” R. Meireles Saback; A.G. Scolari Conceicao; T. L. Maia Santos; M. Reis.
  • “Omnidirectional Multi-Camera Video Stitching Using Depth Maps,” J. Bosch; K. Istenič; N. Gracias; R. Garcia; P. Ridao.
  • “Autonomous Tracking and Sampling of the Deep Chlorophyll Maximum Layer in an Open-Ocean Eddy by a Long Range Autonomous Underwater Vehicle,” Y. Zhang; B. Kieft; B.W. Hobson; J.P. Ryan; B. Barone; C.M. Preston; B. Roman. B.-Y. Raanan; R. Marin III; T.C. O’Reilly; C.A. Rueda; D. Pargett; K.M. Yamahara; S. Poulos; A. Romano; G. Foreman; H. Ramm; S.T. Wilson; E.F. DeLong; D.M. Karl; J.M. Birch; J.G. Bellingham; C.A. Scholin.
  • “Interpolation Kernels for Synthetic Aperture Sonar Along-Track Motion Estimation,” D.C. Brown; I.D. Gerg; T.E. Blanford.
  • “Underwater Acoustic Communication Using Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Doppler-Resilient Orthogonal Signal Divison Multiplexing,” T. Ebihara; H. Ogasawara; G. Leus.
  • “A Scheme for Multi-Target Lateral Velocity Measurement with High Frequency Monostatic Radar,” M. Li; X. Wu; Z. Chen; J. Liu; W.J. Emery; C. Li.
  • “Silicon-Photomultiplier-Based Underwater Wireless Optical Communications Using Pulse-Amplitude Modulation,” M. Ali Khalighi; H. Akhouayri; S. Hranilovic.
  • “Line of Sight Based Guidance and Adaptive Neural Path Following Control for Sailboats,” Y. Deng; X. Zhang; G. Zhang.
  • “Asynchronous Localization of Underwater Target Using Consensus-Based Unscented Kalman Filtering,” J. Yan; H. Zhao; X. Luo; Y. Wang; C. Chen; X. Guan.
  • “Broadband Waveform Geoacoustic Inversions With Absolute Travel Time,” Y.-T. Lin; J. Bonnel; D.P. Knobles; P.S. Wilson.
  • “In Situ Measurements of Compressional Wave Speed During Gravity Coring Operations in the New England Mud Patch,” M.S. Ballard; K.M. Lee; A.R. McNeese; P.S. Wilson; J.D. Chaytor; J.A. Goff; A.H. Reed.
  • “Seafloor Burial of Surrogate Unexploded Ordnance by Wave-Induced Sediment Instability,” H. Klammler; A. Sheremet; J. Calantoni.
  • “Manifold-Based Classification of Underwater Unexploded Ordnance in Low-Frequency Sonar,” N.H. Klausner; M.R. Azimi-Sadjadi.
  • “On the Achievable Rate of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Underwater Acoustic Communications,” P.-J. Bouvet; Y. Auffret.
  • “Detection of Oceanographic Fronts on Variable Water Depths Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions,” K.B. Hjelmervik; K.T. Hjelmervik.
  • “Computational Fluid Dynamics Prediction of the Dynamic Behavior of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles,” Y. Liu; Y. Yang; H. Zhang; L. Zhang.
  • “Hydrodynamic Shape Optimization of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle With an Integrated Lifting Line and Viscous Continuous Adjoint Approach,” S. Wu; M. Cai; C. Yang; W. Wu; T. Wang.
  • “Localizing Sources Using a Network of Asynchronous Compact Arrays,” I.R. Urazghildiiev; D.E. Hannay.
  • “Underwater Image Enhancement Using a Multi-Scale Dense Generative Adversarial Network,” Y. Guo; H. Li; P. Zhuang.
  • “Distributed Convex Optimization Compressed Sensing Method for Sparse Planar Array Synthesis in 3-D Imaging Sonar Systems,” B. Gu; Y. Chen; X. Liu; F. Zhou; R. Jiang.
  • “Evaluation of Alternative Direction of Arrival Methods for Oceanographic HF Radars,” B.M. Emery.
  • “Reinforcement Learning Based Relay Mobility and Power Allocation for UWSNs Against Jamming,” L. Xiao; D. Jiang; Y.Chen; W. Su; Y. Tang.
  • “Synthetic Aperture Sonar Track Registration with Motion Compensation for Coherent Change Detection,” V. Myers; I. Quidu; B. Zerr; T.-O. Sæbø; R.E. Hansen.
  • “Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Supercavitating Flow Development Over Different Nose Shape Projectiles,” M.Y. Mansour; M.H. Mansour; N.H. Mostafa; M.A. Rayan.
  • “Improving the Performance of a Vector Sensor Line Array by Deconvolution,” D. Sun; C. Ma; T.C. Yang; J. Mei; W. Shi.
  • “Efficient Estimation and Prediction for Sparse Time-Varying Underwater Acoustic Channels,” Y. Zhan; R. Venkatesan; O.A. Dobre; C. Li.
  • “Nonlinear Extraction of Directional Ocean Wave Spectrum from Synthetic Bistatic High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar Data,” M. Teixeira Silva; R. Shahidi; E.W. Gill; W. Huang.