September 2019 OES Beacon

A Blast from the Past! . . . In Honor of JP

Bob Wernli – Beacon Co-Editor-in-Chief, photos by Stan Chamberlain

Jean-Pierre Hermand has been remembered in the December 2018 issue and in a special memorial session at the OCEANS 2019 Marseille conference, which is reported in this issue. However, since JP has always been a major participant at all our OCEANS conferences, other workshops and within the society, and always involved with a smile and an attitude that brought warmth to his friends and colleagues, your Beacon editors decided that a special “Blast from the Past” to highlight JP was warranted.

OCEANS 2018 Kobe.
OCEANS 2016 Monterey.
OCEANS 2013 San Diego.
OCEANS 2014 Taipei.
OCEANS 2013 Bergen—Dominique and JP.
The “Bike” was with JP at every OCEANS.