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OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads is on the East Coast Horizon

Conference Co-Chairs – Ray Toll, Laura Rogers, Daniel Sternlicht

Virginia Beach Convention Center

The OCEANS conference is returning to Hampton Roads after 10 years. The conference theme, Resilient Coasts, Adapting Today to Secure Tomorrow, focuses on a key priority for the 1.1 million citizens residing in the 7 municipalities that compromise the Hampton Roads region. With the significant Federal presence that exists in the region, highlighted by the largest Naval Base in the world in Norfolk, the conference will be exploring an integrated whole of government/community approach with private public partnerships to study this issue that many across the world are addressing.


Virginia Beach

Another key aspect to this conference is how we are promoting the mutual technologies and organizations from West Coast to East Coast, springboarding from OCEANS 2021 San Diego this past September to Hampton Roads, followed in 2023 by the Gulf Coast. For example, the US Navy’s largest fleet concentration areas exist in San Diego and Norfolk, followed by the Gulf Coast.  A key priority for these conferences has been an attempt to link the problem areas and challenges identified in OCEANS 21 San Diego to potential solutions in OCEANS 22 Hampton Roads. The technical tracks and exhibits will therefore follow similar themes in both.

King Neptune on Virginia Beach

To further the whole of government/community approach, OCEANS 22 Hampton Roads is being cochaired by representatives from NASA, Navy and Old Dominion University (Laura, Daniel and Ray, respectively). Similarly, the Local Organizing Committee and the MTS Hampton Roads section have reps from across the spectrum of government, academia, and business.

We therefore expect a lively and informative conference with in-water demonstrations. We look forward to seeing you October 17-21, 2022.

(Photos taken by Stan Chamberlain at OCEANS 2012 Hampton Roads)