March 2024 OES Beacon

WIE PROPEL Laureates for 2024-2025

Dr. Farheen Fauziya, Research Scientist, ECTL, OES WIE Liaison

The new WIE PROPEL Laureates for 2024-2025

WIE-PROPEL is one of the flagship programs within the OES. This program offers career advancement, mentorship, and leadership development for aspiring female engineers. Selected candidates represent and advocate for women in engineering at OES or OES sponsored events, gaining exposure and expanding their network. Moreover, they collaborate with society administrators/leaders to help in organising WIE events, compile inclusive meeting resources, promote gender diversity as well as women’s participation in ocean engineering through talks/events in their regions.

The other aspect is the attention on diversity, equity and inclusion other than gender. Beyond gender inequalities, inequality issues are also recognized by IEEE and OES; they see the need to make a community environment that accepts every member of society no matter their race or origination, sex or disabilities. In this regard, these organisations seek to promote inclusive cultures that will encourage diverse perspectives in fostering innovation through collective intelligence amidst some of today’s most challenging global issues. To sum it all up, we see implementation of WIE-PROPEL as a way of acting together with the engineering community to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the field. In a time of growing globalization, diversity must be embraced in all its diversity. Through women empowerment, gender equality and gender inclusion, the Oceanic Engineering Society is not only shaping the future of engineering but also leading the way to a more equitable and inclusive society. We must therefore join hands as we walk towards embracing this diversity and reimagining the possibilities for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Presenting the new WIE PROPEL Laureates for the 2024-2025 term!

The incoming laureates of WIE PROPEL are Grace Mena and Luyuan Peng, who are now part of this distinguished group. As a WIE PROPEL Laureate, they will carry out a significant role in enhancing gender equality and participation in engineering, both locally and internationally.

Grace Mena is the data analyst at the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Chile, and dedicated to focus on strengthening the inclusiveness that creates a diverse workforce to allow women to thrive and prosper in engineering. She was fortunate to start the first student chapter of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society in Ecuador. She utilized geographical information systems and database analysis for the 2020 Census in Ecuador and, getting motivated from women’s roles in engineering, Grace Mena is set to accomplish a lot as a WIE PROPEL Laureate.

Luyuan Peng puts her unique expertise and experience to work in underwater robotics and machine learning, which has brought her success in her role as a Research Engineer at the Acoustics Research Laboratory (ARL) at National University of Singapore. She has shown exemplary leadership skills by being actively involved in symposiums and committees, becoming known for her advocacy of women in engineering through emerging technologies like AI/ML. Luyuan Peng, as a WIE PROPEL Laureate, will continue her commitment to advancing women in engineering and creating a positive impact in our society.

As a team, Grace Mena and Luyuan Peng symbolize the spirit of innovation, diversity, and inclusion of WIE PROPEL program. We look forward to seeing the positive change they will bring as they go on the road to leadership, mentorship, and advocacy for the women in engineering.