March 2024 OES Beacon

 SeaAI 2023

Itzik Klein, University of Haifa

The presentation by Prof. Mandar Chitre

The SeaAI 2023 (Artificial Intelligence and Sea) conference was held at the University of Haifa, Israel, on 20 June 2023 with over 200 attendees in person. The conference included parallel sessions, poster sessions, and an exhibition. The lectures focused on artificial intelligence applications at sea. They featured lectures from young and senior scientists and engineers on AI theory, applications of AI in marine technologies and sciences, challenges of AI applications, and a focused session on AI-based underwater navigation. The conference showcased OES members and activity: organized and chaired by Prof. Itzik Klein (University of Haifa), an invited plenary talk by Prof. Mandar Chitre (National University of Singapore), and lectures from the newly established OES Israel Student Branch.