March 2024 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk (March 2024)

Karl von Ellenrieder, Journal Editor-in-Chief

Hello! This marks my first EiC report to the OES Beacon, so I’ll keep it simple. I am looking forward to working with the associate editors, reviewers, authors, and readers of the journal in the coming years. If you have any suggestions for how the journal can best serve the OES, please feel free to contact me.

I would like to thank Prof. Mandar Chitre for all his expert help and guidance during this past year of transition, and for leaving the journal in such wonderful shape.  Also, a big thanks to Lee Lin Ong, who has very capably served as the Editorial Assistant of the journal over the last year. She will unfortunately step down this month but has been working with her successor (to be named once everything is official) to ensure that the transfer of responsibilities will go smoothly.

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers. The following papers were published as Early Access papers on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers online now:

  • Hossein Ghannadrezaii and Jean-François Bousquet. “Demonstration of Underwater Channel State Information Acquisition in Grand Passage, Nova Scotia”
  • Weiqin Liu, Shuo Chen, Ke Hu, Xiaoxuan Guo, Qibin Wang, Xueming Song, Zhengguo Liu and Ye Li. “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Hydroelastic Response of a Hinged Hexagon Enclosed Platform in Waves”
  • Yudong Wang, Jichang Guo, Wanru He, Huan Gao, Huihui Yue, Zenan Zhang and Chongyi Li. “Is Underwater Image Enhancement All Object Detectors Need?”
  • Kamal Upreti, Sangeeta Arora, Anupam Kumar Sharma, Adesh Kumar Pandey, Kamal Kant Sharma and Mohit Dayal. “Wave Height Forecasting Over Ocean of Things Based on Machine Learning Techniques: An Application for Ocean Renewable Energy Generation”
  • Shuaishuai Li, Xiang Gao and Zexiao Xie. “Binocular Underwater Measurement with Multicolor Structured Light”
  • Haoran Ji, Lei Wang, Cong Peng, Liang Chen, Shuhao Zhang and Qian Zhou. “High-Resolution Short Angle Weight Algorithm in Sonar Systems”
  • Shaobo Li, Yi Zhang, Jianhu Zhao, Yunlong Wu, Shaofeng Bian and Guojun Zhai. “A Comprehensive Buried Shipwreck Detection Method Based on 3-D SBP Data”
  • Lei Wan and Ming Zhao. “Receiver Enhancement for Differentially Encoded Underwater Acoustic OFDM Incorporating Amplitude and Phase Mismatches”
  • Niaz Ahmed, Gang Qiao, Yahong Rosa Zheng and David Johannes Pommerenke. “Design and Implementation of Medium Access Control Protocol for Magneto-Inductive Wireless Sensor Networks Using Low Power Sensor Nodes”
  • Hao Tian, Boyang Zhou and Yongjun Gong. “Study of a Multicoil Electromagnetic Wave Power Takeoff System With Pneumatic Velocity Upconversion Mechanism Targeting Low-Frequency Input”
  • Umut Fırat and Tayfun Akgül. “Compressive Sensing of Cyclic Bispectrum”
  • Xiaohui Chu, Runze Hu, Yutao Liu, Jingchao Cao and Lijun Xu. “SISC: A Feature Interaction-Based Metric for Underwater Image Quality Assessment”
  • Jingwei Yin, Guangjun Zhu, Xiao Han, Longxiang Guo, Lin Li and Wei Ge. “Temporal Correlation and Message-Passing-Based Sparse Bayesian Learning Channel Estimation for Underwater Acoustic Communications”
  • Ariel Vardi and Julien Bonnel. “End-to-End Geoacoustic Inversion with Neural Networks in Shallow Water Using a Single Hydrophone”
  • Mohammad Towliat, Zheng Guo, Leonard J. Cimini, Xiang-Gen Xia and Aijun Song. “Joint Equalization and Self-Interference Cancellation for Underwater Acoustic In-Band Full-Duplex Communication”
  • Fei Li, Xiaomao Li, Yan Peng, Bin Li and Yang Zhai. “Maximum Information Transfer and Minimum Loss Dehazing for Underwater Image Restoration”
  • Chen Peng and Urbashi Mitra. “Interference-Constrained Scheduling of a Cognitive Multihop Underwater Acoustic Network”
  • Wenxuan Chen, Jun Tao, Lu Ma, and Gang Qiao. “Vector-Approximate-Message-Passing-Based Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communications”
  • Linwei Li, Jianglong Zheng, Jinxing Xie, Xiaoxin Huang, Biao Jiang, Yunge Zhang, and Yifan Huang. “Experimental Study on Underwater Cylindrical Acoustic Wave Generated by High-Voltage Pulse Excited Cable.”
  • Qianqian Zou, Chao Zhou, Chunhui Zhu, Zhuoliang Zhang, and Junfeng Fan. Discrete. “Vortex Method-Based Fish-Like Locomotion Modeling.”