March 2020 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief   

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • P. Williams, “On the Use of Tiny Convolutional Neural Networks for Human-Expert-Level Classification Performance in Sonar Imagery”.
  • Yao; J. Xie; W. Huang, “HF Radar Ocean Surface Cross Section for the Case of Floating Platform Incorporating a Six-DOF Oscillation Motion Model.”
  • Alireza Nezamalhosseini; L. R. Chen, “Optimal Power Allocation for MIMO Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Systems Using Channel State Information at the Transmitter”.
  • Qin; F. Qu; Y. R. Zheng, “Bayesian Iterative Channel Estimation and Turbo Equalization for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Underwater Acoustic Communications”.
  • Bonnel; S. P. Pecknold; P. C. Hines; N. R. Chapman, “An Experimental Benchmark for Geoacoustic Inversion Methods”.
  • R. Teeneti; T. T. Truscott; D. N. Beal; Z. Pantic, “Review of Wireless Charging Systems for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”.
  • Sun; X. Zhang; C. Zheng; J. Fu; C. Zhao, “Underwater Acoustical Localization of the Black Box Utilizing Single Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Based on the Second-Order Time Difference of Arrival”.
  • Song; B. He; P. Liu, “Real-Time Object Detection for AUVs Using Self-Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks”.
  • K. Sharma; S. K. Saha, “Simplified Drag Modeling for the Dynamics of an Underwater Manipulator”.
  • N. Sangekar; B. Thornton; A. Bodenmann; T. Ura, “Autonomous Landing of Underwater Vehicles Using High-Resolution Bathymetry”.
  • Tao; Y. Wu; X. Han; K. Pelekanakis, “Sparse Direct Adaptive Equalization for Single-Carrier MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications”.