March 2019 OES Beacon

Member Highlights (March 2019)

Katsunori Mizuno, Beacon Associate Editor

Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics.

As part of the University of Tokyo’s Young Researchers Overseas Program, I am staying in Marseille, France, where the next “OCEANS ’19” conference will be held. The Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (LMA), CNRS, UMR7031, where I study computational ocean acoustics, is located northeast of Marseille. I joined the Wave and Imaging team where researchers are currently working on this topic. The LMA, founded in 1941, was first named CRSIM (Scientific Center for Industrial and Maritime Research) and was originally a laboratory dedicated to maritime research in general. With years, the topics studied at the LMA evolved to acoustics in general, and solid mechanics, but there is still an active group working on underwater acoustics and seismo-acoustics with several tank facilities.


Author (left) and Dr. Paul Cristini (right, IEEE OES member).

Marseille is an ancient city founded in 600 BC by the Greeks. It is the main commercial port of France and also a city of fishermen. It offers many magnificent seascapes and landscapes. The sea and sky are really blue. People are active and always warm and kind. I live close to the old harbor because I want to see the sea every day. There is a daily fish market where you can find fresh and varied seafood. My recommendation is “the tasting of oysters” standing up just after buying them. You will certainly meet your favorites there. Of course, don’t forget a glass of wine. Red, white, or rosé, it’s up to you.
Let’s join the OCEANS ’19 and enjoy Marseille.

Fish market.
Fort Saint-Jean captured from
Parc Émile Duclaux.
An old sail ship “Belem.”