March 2019 OES Beacon

From the IEEE OES Webmaster (March 2019)

Steve Holt, IEEE OES Webmaster

We are now entering the year 2019 with a wide range of activities underway with our OES website. One annual ritual is always making changes to the site because newly elected members of the AdCom and ExCom, as well as those appointed to committees, have to be displayed quickly.

While all of this is ongoing, we are migrating to a new WordPress based platform, which is hoped to prove more user friendly. This newly redesigned website will provide an enhanced, graphic-rich experience, with a focus on current news, event and articles of interest to OES members and the broader oceanic engineering community. The new responsive site layout will now provide optimal viewing of the website across mobile devices and tablets.

The website will offer quick access to the OES Beacon, our quarterly newsletter, extensive information about the society’s technical activities and sponsored competitions, and a calendar of upcoming conferences and events, including the semi-annual flagship event, our OCEANS conference. Also, the website will feature an increased focus on students, young professionals, and women in engineering. As part of our social networking outreach, the website will play an important role in our overall effort to promote an online community serving the interests of ocean engineering students, professionals and others.

Finally, special thanks is extended to Matthew Gelis of Veraprise for all of his tireless efforts in making these timely modifications.