June 2023 OES Beacon

Welcome from Steve Holt as the new VPPA

Steve Holt, VP of Professional Activities, vp-professional-activities@ieeeoes.org

As I approach the halfway point of this first year of my tenure, I would like to summarize several ongoing activities that I’ve been working on. First, to briefly describe some information about the activities of the office of the VPPA, note that there are three Standing Committees: Membership Development, Student Activities, and Promotion. To talk a little about these committees, I would ask everyone to please first look closely at our OES website to see the activities associated with all our Standing, Ad Hoc, and Operational Committees that may interest you. Its portal

is at: https://ieeeoes.org/menu/organizational-committees/standing-committees-and-operational-committees/.

At this location, you will see, under the office of the VPPA, the committees for Membership Development, Student Activities, and Promotion, of which I earlier referred to.

Our Membership Activities are led by Rajat Mishra as the Chair, our Student Branch Activities are led by Suleman Mazhar as the Co-Chair, and our Promotion activities are led by me as the Chair. Also, we have Social Media activities, which are led by Syed Al Haider, who acts as the Social Media Coordinator. In addition, we have Manu Ignatius, who amongst other activities, is now producing flyers for our OES booth for the Limerick OCEANS conference.

The benefits of membership in the OES can be found at: https://ieeeoes.org/member-communities/membership-info/. Information on our Student Branch Chapters can be found at: https://ieeeoes.org/member-communities/student-branch-chapters/ and past Student Competitions can be found at: https://ieeeoes.org/technical-activities/student-competitions/. Information on Social Media coverage can be found at: https://ieeeoes.org/social-media-initiative-2021-support/.

Also, Roberto Petroccia is the liaison for the OES Young Professionals (YPs) committee that participates in the various meetings and with several activities with other YP groups (societies, regions, etc.) within the IEEE. He oversees as the liaison the YP-BOOST Program, about which more can be read at: https://ieeeoes.org/young-professionals/. We earlier welcomed two new members for the YP Boost Class of 2023-2024. They are Dr. Filippo Campagnaro and Dr. Francesco Maurelli. As YP-BOOST laureates, they will be fully included in the leadership of the OES for the following two years. They will be particularly active at OCEANS 2023 Limerick and OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast, as judges for the Student Poster Competition, as social media reporters, and as participants in society meetings, and the Ocean Decade among other activities.

Under Promotion, our Beacon newsletter is published four times a year as a benefit to the membership of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society. Its development is led by Harumi Sugimatsu, who is the Editor in Chief and Bob Wernli who is the Co-Editor in Chief. To read the latest and past issues of the Beacon, please access their portal at: https://ieeeoes.org/publications/oes-beacon/. In addition, I am engaging regularly with the various media, mostly oceanic oriented magazines and newsletters, to ensure that our conferences, workshops and symposia are properly advertised in their publications on a timely basis.

Our Earthzine journal provides up-to-date information on science, technology, Earth/Ocean observation and information utilization and those participating and contributing to its advancement. Its publication is led by Hari Vishnu as its Editor. To read the latest and past issues of the Earthzine, please access their portal at: https://earthzine.org.

For further information on the IEEE OES Ocean Decade Initiative (ODI), please visit their site at: https://ieeeoes.org/oceandecade/. Note that we will have a presence from the ODI at our IEEE OES Booth in Limerick.

My sincere hope is to grow and strengthen these committees under my supervision and open a dialog with anyone who wants to be more involved, especially as volunteers, with the operations of the OES.

Please also consider visiting us at our upcoming OCEANS 2023 conferences in Limerick, Ireland, at: https://limerick23.oceansconference.org/ and the Gulf Coast, Mississippi, USA, at: https://gulfcoast23.oceansconference.org/.

Please note especially the “Program” tab for the upcoming Limerick conference as it has further details about events such as the Exhibition Hall activities, the Student Poster Competitions, the Student Mixer, the YP Boost and Women in Engineering (WIE) breakfasts and lunches, etc.

We hope to see you there!

For further information about anything associated with OES activities, especially those associated with my role as the new VPPA, please contact me anytime at: vp-professional-activities@ieeeoes.org.