June 2023 OES Beacon

Current, Wave, Turbulence Measurement and Applications (CWTMA) Technology Committee Report

Weimin Huang, Chair of CWTMA Technology Committee

CWTMA Technology Committee (TC), is interested in supporting the development and applications of various sensors and methods for measuring ocean dynamic parameters such as surface current, wind and wave fields, and turbulence to improve the understanding of ocean environment and enhance the safety and efficiency of ocean related activities for humanity.  After consulting with all registered members, the CWTMA TC is planning the following exciting events:

  • Continue the 4-yearly IEEE/OES CWTMA workshops. This is a serious commitment that needs a year of preparation (formal approvals from IEEE, organise venue, exhibitors, program, etc.) but is a very worthwhile international workshop. The CWTMA Technology Committee has held regular workshops at 4-year intervals up to the 12th CWTMA Workshop 10-13 March 2019, San Diego. This has been a very successful series with technical presentations, an integrated industry exhibition and papers archived in IEEE Xplore. Eleven of the workshops have been in North America and one at Southampton in the UK. The next workshop in the series would have been in 2023 but, for various reasons, planning for the next workshop has been delayed. With the required lead time of over one year it is now clear that the next workshop will not happen in 2023 but is targeted for early 2024. A proposal to host a workshop at the Coastal Studies Institute, North Carolina, on 18-20 March 2024 has been submitted to the VP for Workshops and Symposia and should be on the AdCom agenda for approval at its June meeting in Limerick.
  • Focus on creating a technical stream on CWTMA topics at one OCEANS Conference each year – perhaps a Call for Abstracts outside of CWTMA members. This requires a commitment by session chairs and overall coordination but nestles into the OCEANS structure. This would serve CWTMA members in regions as OCEANS moves to different venues.
  • Organize a CWTMA webinar for all the OES members. In addition to providing an invited technical talk on a hot and interesting topic, the TC can also introduce CWTMA a bit to encourage more people to join the CWTMA TC committee.
  • Run some online presentations for CWTMA members with one of the CWTMA members or invited speaker talking about their work. This could provide a good forum for knowledge sharing among the members.
  • Develop special issues on CWTMA for IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering.
  • Include the Decade of Ocean Science where possible in all activities.

The CWTMA Technology Committee sincerely invites you to support and attend the above events. The committee is reachable via mal.heron@ieee.org with cc to weimin@mun.ca.