June 2022 OES Beacon

VPTA Column (June 2022)

Venugopalan Pallayil, Vice President for Technical Activities, IEEE OES

OES colleagues,

One great news that I would like to share with you all is that Singapore has now almost fully opened for international travelers. The government has relaxed most of the Covid-19 related restrictions. The DORSCON level has been lowered to yellow from orange. No pre-departure and on arrival tests are required and wearing masks in the open environment is not mandatory. (I found out that some of the people who were behind the mask and whom I have not met earlier, looked very different from what I had imagined they would look like). No restrictions on the conference size and also if you are masked there is no safe distancing required. This opens up an opportunity for our AUV researchers and technologists to come and participate in-person at the IEEE/OES AUV 2022 Symposium to be held in Singapore during 19-21 Sept 2022. The symposium will be a hybrid event though originally it was planned to be as an in-person only event. Some institutions are still reluctant to allow their staff to travel overseas and hence unable to participate in-person. But we hope that in the next couple of months things would improve even better so that a larger number of delegates can meet and greet at the symposium. Note that the deadline for paper submission is May 27. Details are available at auv2022.org.

We are also seeing strong response to our AUV competition planned alongside the AUV symposium. More than 50 teams had sent their entries and after preliminary evaluation 35 teams have been short listed.  Details of the competition can be found at competition website sauvc.org/. We are all excited about these events and I am sure many of you are as well.

Technology Committees (TC)

We had our first meeting of the Chairs of Technology Committees, which was well attended. The details of this meeting have been covered in a separate report by the TC Coordinator, Shyam. In my last report I had mentioned that we have many of our members who have signed up for various TCs. Here is a table which shows the details of the number of OES members for each TC. Details on the TCs can be found on the OES website at:


Technology Committee Members signed up
AMS 129
DAIM 164
ORS 95
PO 75
SOV 60
UA 85
UCC 104

I wish to remind the TC Chairs to identify and propose new DLs under the call for 2023-25, which closes on 31 July, 2022. TC Chairs may also want to consider proposing organizing sessions in their respective fields at OCEANS.

Chapter Activities

Some good news for the Chapter Chairs. We may have limited funds available for Chapter activities. Our chapter coordinator will be reaching out to you for requests for support for any planned activities or proposals for new activities this year. I wish to call upon all the Chapter Chairs to get involved in the Ocean Decade (OD) programme. The OES new initiatives have accounted for some funds towards Ocean Decade events organized by the chapters. This is also an opportunity to showcase OES commitment to the community around us and how much we value managing our oceans sustainably. The activities could include workshops on OD related activities, educating students on the importance of taking care of ocean around us or even citizen science programmes for engaging with the coastal population. OES chapters can join hands with other interested IEEE and non-IEEE organisations to propel these activities. We are also discussing the possibility of a Best Chapter Award. The details will be made available once a final decision has been made.

We are exploring the possibilities of forming a new Chapter in the Middle East, where we are under-represented, through an OES member in Dubai. We are hopeful of setting up one towards the end of this year.

Yet again, I wish to call up on the Chapters to make use of the expertise of OES Distinguished Lecturers to your chapter members or to the student branch chapter members.

Distinguished Lecturers (DL)

Nicholas Chotiros gave the “Mud as a porous medium” DL on Thursday,, 24 March at the UK National Oceanography Centre, under the Processes, Observations, Experiments, Theories and Solutions (POETS) corner series of talks. It was a hybrid event. There were 6 people attending in person, and probably 10 online attendees. There were a few very good questions from the audience at the end of the talk. No other DL has been reported since my last report.

In my last report I had mentioned that we have fourteen DLs. However further checks revealed that the actual number now stands at 12. Following the footsteps of some of the other societies I had sent a request to all DLs to provide me a table indicating their topics for delivery and the dates they are available. This would help those who wish to engage the DLs for giving talks. Thank you to all who provided me the information and I shall share it on the OES website soon.

The call for new DLs for the period 2023-25 is out and nominations will be accepted until July 31, 2022.

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022 (OSM 22)

Involvement of IEEE OES as a technical sponsor is being hailed as a success by many of the session organisers and chairs. A separate report is provided in this edition of Beacon on the OSM 22 technical sessions organized by IEEE OES. The recommendation from many has been that we should continue with this engagement. A big thank you to all those who contributed to the successful organization of OES technical sessions.

Other Activities

Not many would be aware that I have been part of another international conference namely the International Conference on Sound and Vibration (ICSV 28) to be held in Singapore during 24-28 July 2022. The conference was originally planned for July 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. It has been taking much of my volunteering time. This will be a hybrid event and those who have an interest can check out the website icsv28.org for details.

For those who are interested, a UN Ocean Conference will be held during 27 June to 01 July 2022 at Lisbon, Portugal. Some of the OES representatives will be attending this conference and possibly organizing side events. The UN Decade Technology and Innovation Informal Working Group (TIIWG), of which I am a member, will be hosting a side event as part of the UN Ocean Conference and if you happen to be there at the conference, try and attend it. I can provide the details if anyone is interested.


What are your thoughts about IEEE OES Technical Activities? I welcome constructive suggestions and criticisms on VPTA activities. It would help to look at things from different perspectives and bring new ideas and thus make our technical activities more appealing and useful. Email me at vp-technical-activities@ieeeoes.org.