June 2022 OES Beacon

 OTC 2022 Distinguished Awards Celebration


Both OTC 2022 and OTC Asia were a great success this year because of the hard work of our OTC Support Staff (the best in the business) and our volunteers.  One of the highlights of OTC 2022 was the Distinguished Awards Celebration on Sunday night.

Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals: Drew Michel
Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organizations, and Institutions: Shell, Appomattox Project
Heritage Award: Roland Moreau

Jerry Carroll and Lech Walesa

All of the award recipients are to be congratulated including Drew Michel who I have worked with for many years.

The guest speaker was the Past President of Poland, Lech Walesa, who in 1990 used his leadership to lead to the independence of many of the countries in Europe who were occupied Enclosure 2 and pictures. The U.S. Navy and the Naval Oceanographic Office use their ships to clear the waters and harbors of many of these countries for commerce.  Many of us have worked hard to keep the countries free. It was a real pleasure to meet Lech Walesa at the event.

Our representatives on the OTC Program Committee Michael Romer and Hani Elshahawi did an excellent job in preparing for OTC 2022.  I was a Session Chair for one of the last sessions on Thursday and want to thank David Barton for being a substitute for my Co-Chair who could not attend and did a great job.  We saved some of the best technical papers for last and appreciate those that stayed until the end of the conference.

On Saturday night at our annual Board of Directors Dinner we were hosted by the Houston First Organization and Joined by the Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner who has been a longtime supporter of OTC.  We appreciate his support and thanks to the Houston First organization.