June 2021 OES Beacon OES Beacon

From the OES BEACON Editors (June 2021)

Harumi Sugimatsu and Robert Wernli

Your Beacon editors “enjoying” a virtual meeting.

Welcome to the June 2021 issue of the Beacon. Are you tired of meeting virtually as your Beacon editors are in the attached photo? We certainly are. So, are you ready to “Drop the Mask!?” Well, that’s exactly what is being planned for the Global OCEANS 2021 San Diego – Porto conference, planned for the week of 20 September, as discussed in this issue’s article on the event. Restrictions due to the pandemic are due to end in California about the time this issue is published. That’s three months before the conference, so we should be running smoothly with meetings by September. Fingers crossed.

An emerging area of global interaction is our society’s participation in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainability effort. This includes their involvement in the upcoming decade of OCEANS conferences, starting in San Diego, and a recent virtual summit addressing the Indian Ocean Blue Economy that is reported herein.

Once again, the success of our society in recruiting younger members and getting them actively involved in the society activities is well covered in reports on such activity from the University of Zagreb Student Branch Chapter and the Student Branch Chapter at the University of Strathclyde. The report from our VP for Professional Activities highlights these and other related ongoing efforts from Social Media to Membership Development.

Your Beacon editors “enjoying” a virtual meeting.

Our student chapters are not alone in their activity. They are joined by reports from our Providence, Malaysia, Argentina, Japan and Canadian Atlantic chapters. Our chapters will be busy in the future as outlined in the report on upcoming events by the VP for Workshops and Symposia. Included are the results of the Underwater Technology 2021 (UT21) virtual symposium competition. Such events often include talks by our Distinguished Lecturers (DL), as reported herein. And, if you’re interested in becoming a DL, see the article on our call for Distinguished Lecturer nominees for 2022-2025.

The remainder of our ExCom has also been quite active. The Journal EIC again provides recently released papers that are available to our members and our VP for Technical Activities provides the latest on our technical committee activities and chapters. This includes a report on the OES Polar Oceans Technical Committee. In addition, we have excellent articles from our Secretary, which includes a view of the future, and the latest breaking news from our OES President.

Included in this issue is the election information on the OES AdCom candidates. The election for our 2022-2024 AdCom members is underway until 29 June. Be sure and vote. We’re also soliciting nominees for our OES awards, which has a closing date of 30 June. Vote, get involved, and you may be a future AdCom candidate or award winner. Submit your Member Activities for future issues of the Beacon. Maybe you’ll get highlighted like our latest Who’s Who in the IEEE OES.

There is a wealth of other information and articles in this issue that we hope you enjoy. And, as always, we’ll close by inviting you to participate in your society. Submit articles and material for the Beacon. Or . . . volunteer for other society activities as a participant or an elected officer. It’s your society and it is here to help you reach your professional goals. Enjoy.