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A Blast from the Past! . . . In Honor of Ferial

Bob Wernli – Beacon Co-Editor-in-Chief and Stan Chamberlain

Ferial’s obituary is in this issue, but because of her amazing support of the IEEE and OES, your Beacon editors decided to dedicate this “Blast from the Past” to her and her ever-present smiles at almost every OCEANS conference.

OCEANS ‘07 Vancouver Ferial with
Tony Eller & Ferial El Hawary & Pat-Jim Candy
OCEANS ’07 Vancouver – Ferial with
Peggy Barbera, Pat Candy, Van Czika Faith Collins
OCEANS ’07 Aberdeen
Bob, Ferial, Rene and Todd
OCEANS ’08 Quebec with Plenary speakers
OCEANS ’16 Monterey
Harumi Sugimatsu, Tamaki Ura and Ferial