June 2020 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief   

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • Ravikumar; Anandanarayanan R; A. George; B. Pattanaik; P. Vinayak Dudhgaonkar; P. Jalihal; A. Samad, “Experimental Investigation of a Bidirectional Impulse Turbine for Oscillating Flows at Various Resistive Loads”.
  • Das, “Real-Valued Sparse Bayesian Learning for Off-Grid Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) Estimation in Ocean Acoustics”.
  • Al-Ani; M. Belmont, “On Fully Describing the Probability Distribution of Quiescent Periods From Sea Spectral Density”.
  • Zhou; F. Tong; A. Song; R. Diamant, “Exploiting Spatial-Temporal Joint Sparsity for Underwater Acoustic Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Communications”.
  • Sun; S. Liu; F. Zhang; A. Song; J. Yu; A. Zhang, “A Kriged Compressive Sensing Approach to Reconstruct Acoustic Fields From Measurements Collected by Underwater Vehicles”.
  • Sun; X. Li; Z. Cao; J. Yong; D. Zhang; J. Zhuang, “Acoustic Robust Velocity Measurement Algorithm Based on Variational Bayes Adaptive Kalman Filter”.
  • P. Driscol; L.A. Gish; R.G. Coe, “A Scoping Study to Determine the Location-Specific WEC Threshold Size for Wave-Powered AUV Recharging”.
  • Casari; F. Campagnaro; E. Dubrovinskaya; R. Francescon; A. Dagan; S. Dahan; M. Zorzi, R. Diamant, “ASUNA: A Topology Data Set for Underwater Network Emulation”.
  • Stinco; A. Tesei; G. Ferri; S. Biagini; M. Micheli; B. Garau; K.D. LePage; L. Troiano; A. Grati; P. Guerrini, “Passive Acoustic Signal Processing at Low Frequency with a 3-D Acoustic Vector Sensor Hosted on a Buoyancy Glider”.
  • Noguchi; T. Maki, “Tracking Omnidirectional Surfaces Using a Low-Cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicle”.
  • V. Florinsky; S.V. Filippov, “Three-Dimensional Geomorphometric Modeling of the Arctic Ocean Submarine Topography: A Low-Resolution Desktop Application”.
  • Thomas; A. Hunter; S. Dugelay, “Phase Wrap Error Correction by Random Sample Consensus With Application to Synthetic Aperture Sonar Micronavigation”.
  • H. Rogne; T.H. Bryne; T.I. Fossen; T.A. Johansen, “On the Usage of Low-Cost MEMS Sensors, Strapdown Inertial Navigation; and Nonlinear Estimation Techniques in Dynamic Positioning”.
  • J. Wong; B. Kalyan; M. Chitre; H. Vishnu, “Acoustic Assessment of Polymetallic Nodule Abundance Using Sidescan Sonar and Altimeter”.