June 2019 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s Desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • “Differential Pressure Sensor Speedometer for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Velocity Estimation,” by C. Meurer; J. F. Fuentes-Pérez; N. Palomeras; M. Carreras, M. Kruusmaa
  • “Long-Distance Path Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles in Complex Marine Environment,” by B. C. Shah; S. K. Gupta
  • “Obstacle Tracking for Unmanned Surface Vessels Using 3-D Point Cloud,” by J. Muhovic; R. Mandeljc; B. Bovcon; M. Kristan; J. Perš
  • “Ship-of-Opportunity Noise Inversions for Geoacoustic Profiles of a Layered Mud-Sand Seabed,” by D. Tollefsen; S. E. Dosso, D. P. Knobles
  • “Long-Term Estimation of Wave Climate Variability in the Western Bay of Bengal,” by B. Sadhukhan; A. Chakraborty; K. Jossia Joseph; R. Venkatesan
  • “Measurements, Metrics and Modeling of Normal-Incidence Acoustic Interaction with Ocean Sediment,” by M. J. Isakson, J. N. Piper; A. R. McNeese
  • “Correlation Detection of Boundaries in Sonar Applications with Repeated Codes,” by J. Y. Taudien; S. G. Bilén
  • “Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control for a Hybrid Aerial Underwater Vehicle with Parametric Dynamics and Uncertainties,” by D. Lu; C. Xiong; Z. Zeng; L. Lian
  • “An Adaptive EKF-FMPC for the Trajectory Tracking of UVMS,” by Y. Dai; S. Yu; Y. Yan
  • “Vector Acoustic Analysis of Time-Separated Modal Arrivals From Explosive Sound Sources During the 2017 Seabed Characterization Experiment,” by P. H. Dahl; D. R. Dall’Osto
  • “Linearized Bayesian Inversion for Experiment Geometry at the New England Mud Patch,” by J. Belcourt; S. E. Dosso; C. W. Holland; J. Dettmer
  • “Direct-Path Backscatter Measurements Along the Main Reverberation Track of TREX13,” by D. Tang; B. T. Hefner; D. R. Jackson
  • “Breaking Wave Imaging Using Lidar and Sonar,” by O. Bryan; P. M. Bayle; C. E. Blenkinsopp; A. J. Hunter
  • “Redefined Output Model-Free Adaptive Control Method and Unmanned Surface Vehicle Heading Control,” by Y. Liao; Q. Jiang; T. Du; W. Jiang
  • “Multipath Broadband Localization, Bathymetry, and Sediment Inversion,” by Z.-H. Michalopoulou; P. Gerstoft
    “Dynamic Modeling of Passively Draining Structures for Aerial-Aquatic Unmanned Vehicles,” by W. Stewart; W. Weisler; M. Anderson; M. Bryant; K. Peters
  • “Sizing Drop Weights for Deep Diving Submersibles Taking Into Account Non-Uniform Seawater Density Profiles,” by B. Thornton
  • “Depth-Dependent Geoacoustic Inferences with Dispersion at the New England Mud Patch via Reflection Coefficient Inversion,” by J. Belcourt; C. W. Holland; S. E. Dosso; J. Dettmer; J. A. Goff
  • “Diurnal Fluctuation of Shallow-Water Acoustic Propagation in the Cold Dome Off Northeastern Taiwan in Spring,” by C. Chen; Bo Lei; Y. Ma; Y. Liu; Y. Wang
  • “Assessing Feasibility of Secure Quantum Communications Involving Underwater Assets,” by M. Lanzagorta; J. Uhlmann
  • “Ice Condition Assessment Using Onboard Accelerometers and Statistical Change Detection,” by H.-M. Heyn; M. Blanke; R. Skjetne
  • “Realizing Efficient Front Crawl Stroke with a Wheel-Paddle Integrated Mechanism: Inspired by Human Competitive Swimming,” by Y. Shen; H. Pu; S. Ma
  • “Underwater Acoustic Source Seeking Using Time-Difference-of-Arrival Measurements,” by F. Mandi´c; N. Miškovi´c; I. Loncar
  • “Underwater Laser Triangulation Sensor Model with Flat Refractive Interfaces,” by G. Matos; P. Buschinelli; T. Pinto
  • “Trans-Dimensional Inversion of Modal Dispersion Data on the New England Mud Patch,” by J. Bonnel; S. E. Dosso; D. Eleftherakis; N. R. Chapman

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