June 2019 OES Beacon

A Blast from the Past! . . . Our Fearless OES Leaders!

Bob Wernli—Beacon Co-Editor-in-Chief, Photos by Stan Chamberlain
And, let’s not forget those past Presidents who started and cared for our society:

Christian De Moustier—2017–2020 OCEANS 2017 Anchorage Plenary.
Rene Garello–2013–2016, OCEANS 2015 Washington AdCom.
Jerry Carroll—2009–2012, OCEANS 2010 Seattle, OES Awards Luncheon.
Jim Barbera—2005–2008, OCEANS 2008 Kobe, OES Awards Luncheon.
Tom Wiener—2001–2004
OCEANS 2004 Kobe, OES Awards Luncheon.
Glen Williams—1990–1992, 1999–2000
OCEANS 2008 Quebec Banquet.
Claude Brancart—1997–1998, OCEANS 2005 Washington
Receiving Distinguished Service Award.
Joseph Czika—1993–1996
OCEANS 2017 Anchorage
Receiving Recognition Award.
Daniel L. Alspach
Anthony I. Eller
Stanley G. Chamberlain

Donald M. Bolle, 1981–1982
Lloyd Z. Maudlin, 1978–1980
Edward W. Early, 1976–1977
Arthur S. Westneat, 1974–1975
Algernon S. Badger, 1972–1973
O. Lyle Tiffany, 1971
Gilbert Jaffe, 1968–1970

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