December 2023

VPTA Column (December 2023)

Shyam Madhusudhana, VP for Technical Activities

Well, it looks like we are well-poised to end 2023 on a high—

  1. Invigoration of OES Chapters, thanks to the initiation of periodic digest emails and continued support from Amy Deeb.
  2. Technology Committees (TCs) exhibited increased activity, with all the newly appointed Chairs filling in their new shoes early on and leading their roles with vigor. You have seen regular reports from the Chairs in this year’s newsletters. We aim to keep that going. Also, look out for a report by our TC Coordinator, Atmanand, in this edition of the newsletter, where he outlines the TCs’ activities during 2023 and the Chairs’ plans for the year ahead.
  • Nine Distinguished Lecturer (DL) talks delivered, so far.
  1. New initiatives/programs well into the pipeline for materializing in 2024.

As I complete my first year as the VPTA, so does Atmanand as the TC Coordinator, while the end of the year marks the end for the current Chapters Coordinator Gerardo Acosta. Thank you, Gerry, for your service and good luck in your new role.  Looking forward to working with the incoming Chapters Coordinator, Maurizio Migliaccio, in 2024.

The call for DL nominations, for the term 2024–26, had ended on 31 July. The nominations (10 received) were carefully evaluated by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee comprising myself, Venugopalan Pallayil, and Malcolm Heron. While I thank Venu and Mal for their service, I am pleased to announce the addition of the following esteemed scientists to our DL roster:

  • Rizal Arshad

University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

  • Itzik Klein

University of Haifa, Israel

  • Suleman Mazhar

Harbin Engineering University, China

  • John Potter

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

  • Peng Ren

China University of Petroleum, China

Congratulations to the new appointees, and I look forward to facilitating their contributions to the Society’s membership in the years ahead.

As we carry over, into 2024, our efforts on the overhauling of TCs, we are also looking into bringing in some structural changes in how we manage Chapters’ activities to make them more tractable. I am also excited to drop a hint (that’s all I can reveal now) regarding an additional funding scheme to support our DL program. So, we have a lot to look forward to in 2024. And, what tops them all, in my opinion, is the IEEE-OES Summer School.

The IEEE-OES Summer School, a new initiative approved by the Administrative Committee earlier this year, aims to offer added value to students and early career professionals attending an OCEANS conference. Set to pilot at the upcoming Singapore 2024 OCEANS, the School will be a 2-day event held just prior to the conference and offers attendees an immersive sortie into the breaths of oceanic engineering, related technologies, and applications, along with networking opportunities and interactions with industry. For more details, please visit:
I encourage students and early career professionals to make best use of the opportunity offered by the new program, and I request academic professionals to encourage their students to apply.

Cheerio, 2023! Looking forward to another successful year.