December 2023

From the OES BEACON Editors (December 2023)

Harumi Sugimatsu and Robert Wernli

Harumi with AUV “BOSS-A”

Based on all the articles in this issue, it’s obvious that OES continues to be very busy, not only with our OCEANS conferences, but with the many workshops and symposia held in 2023, and planned for 2024. With the negative effects of Covid now behind us, it’s great to see the attendance and finances of our events getting back to normal. This is supported by this issue’s excellent reports on OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast, in addition to a report with comments from students who attended the event, and also an article on the recipients of the annual OES awards. With the successes of the OCEANS conferences in Limerick and the Gulf Coast, we look forward to next year’s OCEANS conferences in Singapore and Halifax. The latest on the OCEANS conference planning is provided in the report by our VP for OCEANS.

Our students have certainly been busy. This is highlighted in the the results of the OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast Student Poster Competition (SPC) to include the winning paper and an article by the SPC winner. And, don’t miss the reports of related events in Colombia and Sri Lanka.

OTC Brazil was just completed and we are planning for next year’s OTC Asia in February and OTC Houston in May.

Upcoming workshops and symposia are listed in the Conference Calendar and reported by our VP for Workshops and Symposia. Reports on MetroSea 2023 and RAMI 2023 are included in this issue.

Our technology committees (TCs) continue to be more active as reported by our VP for Technical Activities and also from the Chair of the OSES committee.

Our chapters have been busy as the reports show. This issue contains the latest on the activities of the Malasia, Singapore, India and Japan chapters, in addition to the results of the JAMSTEC 2023 ROV competition and Norway’s NJORD Challenge.

And Bob wishing you a “Happy Holiday. Ho…Ho…Ho”

The Journal EIC again provides a list of recently released papers that are available to our members. You will also see in the report from the OES president the latest on his view of the direction of the society. With the arrival of 2024 on the horizon, we welcome our new AdCom members, for 2024-2026.

Have you done something exciting lately? Received an award or professional recognition? Be sure to contact your editors about submitting an article. And don’t miss the Who’s Who in OES article on one of our outstanding members in each issue. This issue also sports a Blast from the Past that highlights the hard work by our AdCom members. Want to participate? See the Call for AdCom nominations in this issue.

There is a wealth of other information and articles in this issue that we hope you enjoy. And, as always, we’ll close by inviting you to participate in your society. Submit articles and material for the Beacon. Or . . . volunteer for other society activities as a participant or an elected officer. It’s your society and it is here to help you reach your professional goals. Enjoy.

Harumi with AUV “BOSS-A”

And Bob wishing you a “Happy Holiday. Ho…Ho…Ho”