December 2023

A Blast from the Past! . . . Your AdCom at Work

Bob Wernli – Beacon Co-Editor-in-Chief and Photographer Stan Chamberlain

When most of us attend an OCEANS conference, we don’t see what goes on behind the scenes to keep the OES running smoothly. One of our primary meetings at OCEANS is the Advisory Committee (AdCom) meeting that also includes our Executive Committee members. Lots of issues and points to be made by your elected AdCom members. For example, see the following photos from the OCEANS 2017 Anchorage meeting. Thanks to all our volunteers.

OCEANS 2017 AdCom meeting
Rene, Diane and Sandy

Jim, Marinna and John
Jim, Bill and Bob
Ross, Mal and Ken
John, Philippe and Christian
M. A. Atmanand, Brandy and Mandar

OCEANS 2017 Anchorage AdCom meeting participants