December 2022 OES Beacon

IEEE MetroSea 2022

Pasquale Daponte, IEEE MetroSea2022 General Chairman, Maurizio Migliaccio, IEEE OES Italy Chapter Chairman

Fig.1: The Castle of Milazzo, Messina, Sicily, Italy.
Fig.2: The view from the castle toward the Aeolian islands.

IEEE MetroSea 2022 was the first edition in person after the Covid-19 editions. It was held in Milazzo, Messina, Italy, on October 3-5, 2022. For the first time this conference was endorsed by the IEEE OES Society and the IEEE OES Italy Chapter.

Milazzo, located north-east of Sicily, not far from the city of Messina, was a wonderful place to meet in person again.

The conference venue was the ancient castle of Milazzo. It is located on the summit of a hill overlooking the town, on a site first fortified in the Neolithic era. The Greeks modified it into an acropolis, and it was later enlarged into a castrum by the Romans and Byzantines. The Normans built a castle, which was further modified and enlarged during the Medieval and Early Modern periods. In Fig.1 a castle picture is shown, while in Fig.2 the view from the castle with a view of the Aeolian islands is shown. From the castle it was possible to admire the Etna volcano on one side and the Aeolian islands on the other side.

The conference accepted papers were 118, with a number of international registered attendees equal to 112. All articles submitted to IEEE MetroSea 2022, that have been accepted in a peer-reviewed process, will be submitted for publication on IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

The Conference included 23 oral sessions, 1 poster session. Further, the conference schedule incorporates 3 keynote talks and 2 tutorials. The keynotes were held by the speakers: Laura Giuliano, Director of Science, CIESM – Mediterranean Science Commission; Franc Dimc, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Aimé Lay-Ekuakille, University of Salento, Italy. During the conference 2 tutorials were also held, one by Adam Gauci, University of Malta, Malta, and the other by Paolo Favali and Francesco Italiano, INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy.

Fig.3: Laura Giuliano while lecturing.
Fig.4: Adam Gauci, University of Malta, Malta, presenting his tutorial.

The three keynotes were particularly appreciated and outstanding. Laura Giuliano, made a keynote on “Measuring Marine Life – across (and beyond) paradigms” (Fig.3), Franc Dimc, made a keynote on “Observations of vessels and human actions at Port of Koper approach” and, Aimé Lay-Ekuakille lectured on “The EU BAT constraints on the measurement systems for industrial wastewater treatments: quality and quantity for discharging into the sea”.

The two tutorials were about “Satellite Derived Bathymetry,” the one held by Adam Gauci (see Fig.4), and “Seafloor interdisciplinary observatories: a global vision for monitoring underwater processes, and submarine active volcanoes by technological enhancement and new scientific results,” the one held by Paolo Favali and Francesco Italiano.

Because of the great success of the Conference, the three days format had to organize multiple sessions in parallel, generally four, to accommodate the oral presentations. Although most of the sessions were about technologies to observe the sea, e.g., satellite and drone remote sensing, in situ infrastructures, several papers were about artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze sea measurements. Some sessions and papers were mostly focused on marine habitats and species also in connections with polluting events.

Further, some special events, jointly organized with Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), were held during the conference focusing on defense applications, see Fig.5.

Fig.5: About the MetroSea 2022 sessions jointly organized with AFCEA.
Fig.6: Ferdinando Nunziata of University of Naples “Parthenope” while presenting his paper.

In Fig.6, Ferdinando Nunziata, presenting his remote sensing contribute about satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar monitoring of sea oil spill, is shown.

In Fig.7 a session picture is also shown.

The social events were excellent and organized with great care and professionality. On 3 October, a welcome party was hosted on board the Italian Navy vessel VEGA, see Fig.8 and 9.

The gala dinner was held on 4 October at the wonderful Villa Hera.

The IEEE MetroSea 2022 was jointly organized by Pasquale Daponte, University of Sannio, Italy, Nicola Donato and Giovanni Randazzo, University of Messina, Italy, (see Fig.10). All participants must thank them for the successful effort to bring such a magnificent piece of Italy to a large, lively scientific community that had the chance to exchange their different point of views on the common interest: the sea!

Next year the IEEE MetroSea will be held in Malta, we all wait for you!


Fig.7: A lively session at MetroSea 2022.
Fig.8: About the welcome party on board the Italian Navy VEGA vessel.
Fig.9: A final picture with Prof. Pasquale Daponte, in the center, with Italian Air Force Gen. (r) Giovanni Savoldelli Pedrocchi, Chair of AFCEA Chapter of Naples, and some Italian Navy Officers.
Fig.10: The organizing Committee.